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Reversible Sewing Machine Cover

February 22, 2010

My sewing machine has it dress now. I made it today while waiting my sick oldest son, who got a flu. I got this idea from Martha. But i didn’t use dish towel, i use fabrics. And for the plain side, i put on my crochet for embellishment.

Well, i’m new at sewing, and straight sewing is quite stressful for me. I couldn’t control my machine yet.


New Batik

February 20, 2010

Wow, they’re here…thank you  Amesh

The English Roses Book

February 14, 2010

Look at this beautiful illustration. The English Roses Book Collection by Madonna. I read them couple years ago, the full cute illustration, only 4 books and I read them all, but today when I hit the bookstore, i found about 7 books, in a junior novel format. Oh, they’re so damn cute.

From Paris With Love

February 14, 2010

(source:…wow…you have to see this movie. It’s very contrast with Edge of Darkness. I don’t know how the latest Mel Gibson’s movie stay at the box office in US, comparing with this-Paris setting movie.

The film was so good that i didn’t realise that the story is almost end. Jonathan Rhys Myers (Reese) is the agent that got a very strange and unique partner (John Travolta–the one and only–as Charles Wax). This movie talked ’bout coccaine to terrorism. The terrorism theme is happening in movie industry nowadays, My Name is Khan, one of the terrorism that banned from India (source from my friend). You can find almost all ethnic in world, are included in this movie. That i just know that Paris is a multi cultural city.

Well, this movie had lots of shooting scene, but you’ll find surprises in every minute. Just omit the cheesy ending that talk about love.

I luv you..

February 12, 2010

I luv you, blankie…unfortunately you’re not mine.

The blanket above is my friend’s. She had then-mother-in-law who died ‘cos of cancer.  She left my friend, this beautiful color squares that she hadn’t finished yet. But my friend gave up to join the squares. So, here’s my part. Plus the simple border. Yes, i did mine two years ago, and i still love it till now.

My Fan

February 11, 2010

My kids, of course, ripped my hand-fan, so i have to make it work again.

I choose from my scrap papers, hard to choose, then i decided one pair papers, that i don’t like the colors too much. Me, prefer red-blue hues rather than yellow.

Then i cut them from the template (the paper that used to glued on to the fan)

Brushed it with PVA glue

and voila, bye-bye hot summer day

Movie: Edge of Darkness

February 7, 2010

The reason i wanna watch this movie of course because Mel Gibson, and i found out this movie was on box office this week. Late for 5 minutes, i really dissapointed with the whole story. It’s very common story about police officer who lost his daughter then he tried to solve the problem by himself. Then it ‘s huge nuclear company whose funded the Senator of US. Sounds familiar and cliche, rite?? Because, lately i watched such an ordinary story (Avatar, Sherlock Holmes)

Little bit boring, and slow movement, last 20 minutes before ending was a best part. And you to see the shaving scene between Gibson and her cute li’l daughter. Touche.

But if you wanna see Mel Gibson because of HIM, you’ll get disappointed.

New Bag

February 7, 2010

This patchwork Batik bag just sent to me from my BFF. Is it beautiful??

Home Tour (cont’d)

February 4, 2010

Well, this is not actually my home tour, because the pictures below i took from my spare-room upstairs. Am planning to transform it as my craft room, but my sons love to play and put their toys here, so you can imagine how mess the room is. As you can see on my old post, my books didn’t have place to stay. I just put them on the floor. Last month I bought super cheap bookshelf which i knew that the quality was so-so. What can you expect from bookshelf cost for Rp. 60.000 (around US$ 7,00)?? Still, i love them. At least my books had a place.

quiet neat, rite??

my old-school collections (still find my lost old books)

This is the book that thaught me knitting 25yrs ago, still love it.

Little suitcases collections

Unfinished afghan, belong to my friend’s.

My button/embellishment collections. For scrap, sewing or else. Even my kids’ school project

I love to collect something, but now i prefer the useful things. I collected rolling wrapping papers since i was kid, but i can’t use them now because the paper gettting yellow and wrinkle. Regret it. But folded-wrapping papers still in good condition.

Well, i’ll post later if i already moving out my desk from my bedroom.