Home Tour (cont’d)

Well, this is not actually my home tour, because the pictures below i took from my spare-room upstairs. Am planning to transform it as my craft room, but my sons love to play and put their toys here, so you can imagine how mess the room is. As you can see on my old post, my books didn’t have place to stay. I just put them on the floor. Last month I bought super cheap bookshelf which i knew that the quality was so-so. What can you expect from bookshelf cost for Rp. 60.000 (around US$ 7,00)?? Still, i love them. At least my books had a place.

quiet neat, rite??

my old-school collections (still find my lost old books)

This is the book that thaught me knitting 25yrs ago, still love it.

Little suitcases collections

Unfinished afghan, belong to my friend’s.

My button/embellishment collections. For scrap, sewing or else. Even my kids’ school project

I love to collect something, but now i prefer the useful things. I collected rolling wrapping papers since i was kid, but i can’t use them now because the paper gettting yellow and wrinkle. Regret it. But folded-wrapping papers still in good condition.

Well, i’ll post later if i already moving out my desk from my bedroom.


2 Responses to “Home Tour (cont’d)”

  1. hendriwk Says:

    Nice… πŸ™‚

  2. tarlen Says:

    wahhhh aku juga punya buku itu.. ilustrasinya sederhana tapi jelas banget instruksinya..
    aku sukaaaaa banget sama koper-koper kalengnya.. koleksi ya? aku juga ide menjejerkan rak 70 ribunya itu.. asal pas ngaturnya, ga kalah cantik sama rak ikea.. πŸ™‚

    salam hangat

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