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My Other Bag

March 29, 2010

This Sunday, after we had yummy lunch for my nephew’s b’day, I made this lunch bag, for my eldest son. It had pocket in the front, so he could put his spoon n fork inside.


Baking Carrot Cake

March 24, 2010

My husband likes carrot cake, but it’s quite rare here, or i don’t know anyplace to find it (yes,  Marche has it) so am googling to find the recipe, here’s the result. Recipe from

the sugar mixture.

the batter

go, carrots




My Sneakers

March 18, 2010

This is my old one,

And this is my new one,

I won’t change mine if it didn’t have a reason. So, the old one is really getting old (it was a gift from my BFF, 5 years ago) and i wore every time i hit the gym, and it became uncomfortable again to wear it. I bought this new one and it really fit like a sock. Usually i avoid the dark color for the sneaker, felt like i wanna go kung-fu, but when i saw them, i thought, why i didn’t break the rule??  Am in love.

The Movie : Alice In Wonderland

March 18, 2010


I went to the cinema with my kids, i thought will like it, so do i. Little bit boring, although Johnny Depp (as usual) is awesome. And the setting, but the 3D isn’t like what I imagine before. The scenes are dark, the typical of Tim Burton. If you like the fairy tales when you were kid, please go and see.


March 14, 2010

Last thursday i went to TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah) to take some pictures. Here are the results:

Reversible Lunch Bag

March 8, 2010

The dishtowels that i bought couple days ago, are going to be  lunch bags. For my boys. Or for my yarn projects.

Made in just 3 hours (i know, it’s still sloowww) but my skill is little bit increasing, forget that had to ripped the seams.

aren’t they beautiful??

the handles

the oh-not-so-neat part


I know, had to ironing it first. But i couldn’t stand to posting it.

Lack of Crochet

March 7, 2010

I miss my dancing finger. I didn’t touch my Clover hook since couple week ago. Recently I got busy with my interior project. But i won’t talk about my work here. This blog specially for my crafts. When I got stressed with my work, i feel that crafting is a stress reliever. Especially crochet. Am not got headache today, i just miss my crochet and i need some big crochet project. Such as afghan/blanket, such something that i got hooked. I’ll browsing on Lion Brand or Ravelry to find that suits me, but the yarns have to be my fave colors, so, if somebody like, i’ll give the afghan to them, but if nobody want it, i’ll snug myself in the blanket.

The sewing machine is my another reason why i didn’t crochet lately. My head full of plan of making this and that. I already buy dishtowel for my kids lunchbag. I’ll posting it later.

Am the one who love to learn. My father always encourage me to do ONE hobby and only concentrate in that. But I rather learn another  something new, whatever it is, for me, i don’t have to be EXPERT for one thing. Am i such a boring person. I enjoying the process of learning. I like crafting, i like photographing, i like reading and watching….i like to play piano and want to learn guitar someday…i like blogging and writing…and travelling…see…that’s common thing and i want to try them all!!

More posting ’bout crafting later…

New Pouch

March 7, 2010

We, as women, never-never enough for the bags, shoes and pouches…

I made this in the afternoon while waiting my kids. Used to be for my BFF b’day, but it wasn’t so neat, hey…am an amateur for i changed my mine, rather wear it for my make up stuffs.

I bought it as a kit. So, just follow the pattern, that’s all. But since the pattern is in Japanese, took time to learn the picture. So, trial n error here and there, but thanks God, it finished.

Brooches Tutorial

March 4, 2010

I cut my hubby’s sweat pants, and since i like grey, i thought why i didn’t make something from this grey things??

So i grab my yarn n needle and start to baste.

Then i pulled the yarn so the fabrics getting ruffled, and formed like a flower or whatever as long as you enjoy it. Then fasten it, sew some buttons or embellishments, and don’t forget to put brooches needle on the back, you can pin a hairclip instead.

And ready to GO.