Lack of Crochet

I miss my dancing finger. I didn’t touch my Clover hook since couple week ago. Recently I got busy with my interior project. But i won’t talk about my work here. This blog specially for my crafts. When I got stressed with my work, i feel that crafting is a stress reliever. Especially crochet. Am not got headache today, i just miss my crochet and i need some big crochet project. Such as afghan/blanket, such something that i got hooked. I’ll browsing on Lion Brand or Ravelry to find that suits me, but the yarns have to be my fave colors, so, if somebody like, i’ll give the afghan to them, but if nobody want it, i’ll snug myself in the blanket.

The sewing machine is my another reason why i didn’t crochet lately. My head full of plan of making this and that. I already buy dishtowel for my kids lunchbag. I’ll posting it later.

Am the one who love to learn. My father always encourage me to do ONE hobby and only concentrate in that. But I rather learn another ¬†something new, whatever it is, for me, i don’t have to be EXPERT for one thing. Am i such a boring person. I enjoying the process of learning. I like crafting, i like photographing, i like reading and watching….i like to play piano and want to learn guitar someday…i like blogging and writing…and travelling…see…that’s common thing and i want to try them all!!

More posting ’bout crafting later…


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