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April 29, 2010

This is what I’ve got after lunch eating Grilled Oxtail, at Sinou Kaffee Hausen

Peach French Toast with Vanilla Ice Cream

Cutie Cappucino

*my sweet tooth, no wonder i’ve been shopping at my dentist yesterday..


Sex and The City 2 The Movie

April 27, 2010

Wow…i can’t wait till 27th May 2010, for viewing this movie in the cinema.

Check the trailer here. I’m gonna love this movie because Aidan Shaw (the ex boyfriend of Carrie Bradshaw) is showing up. He’s one of my favourite cast at the series. Too bad she didn’t married him. But I bet Carrie is happier to knot with Mr. Big–according to her upper class life.

And oh, you’ve to see the beautiful interior for the settings.

Look at the Coffee Table and the Puff.

The lovely wallpaper.

The dining chairs.

The Closet.

*all pictures can be found here


April 26, 2010

I like colorful necklaces, but rare to wear them. I haven’t buy necklaces anymore because i didn’t have neat storage for them. So I just put them in big pouch. Then i found this cork-board that i used to put my notes as a reminder. I think this is a good place to keep my necklaces thus i can stare at them whenever i want. Lovely.

Tiramisu Ice Cream

April 26, 2010

Tiramisu Ice Cream from Haagen Dazs is the BEST ever, yummmm

My failed Light Caramel Frappucino

April 25, 2010

Hot sunny day outside, i wanna have light caramel frappucino. Have to wait (they asked me to sit)–ooh helloww..this is for take away and i had to sit down waiting for light mixture?? (i repeated the questions, “what’ll i have to wait”, they said “light mixture”–weird– since it was very rare to wait at the starbucks while there was no one except you there).

And when the drink came, it such a blah…watery frappucino. Little bit dissapointed.

Guitar, anyone??

April 25, 2010

This belong to my oldest, he really want to learn guitar (actually, i REALLY wanna learn guitar too. Badly) Too old for me??

The Movie: How To Train Your Dragon

April 21, 2010

After couple weeks didn’t go to the cinema, my kids wanna this movie. Actually, already here ’bout a month ago but wasn’t interest enough to make me want to see it. Today, they came back from school earlier, and asked me to go. I said to them, that i might sleeping inside the cinema because am not too interested.

Anyway, I didn’t sleep at all, this movie really didn’t have some scene that bored me. I was amazed (as usual) to see the animation and in this 3d movie (they even had better 3d) they had subtitle!!

The story is about The Viking Community (oohh remind me of Asterix and Obelix) and their forever enemy: the Dragons. This kid (i have no idea, why he’s not like typical Viking’s, he’s thin and small, opposite his huge father) then becoming friends with one of their enemy, where is not a good situation.

The relationship between father and son, showed us how difficult to discuss something. How the father being dictate and didn’t want to listen. How the kid became individual because he is different with the others.

How the battle between humans and dragons and ended with kid’s sacrifice.

There all in this movies. You have to see it. Disney never failed to train us. Absolutely.

*images from here

Simple one

April 20, 2010

Adoring this coffee from simple desktop


April 20, 2010

Look at the keychain that I got from my friend:

Super cute!!

Resorts World Sentosa

April 19, 2010

Here’s the pictures that i promised before:

Festive Hotel

beautiful lanterns at lobby hotel

Our Room

Had loft bed inside, kids luv it

Views from Room Balcony

On The Way to Universal Studio Singapore

Galleria Walk

Universal Studio Singapore

The Resorts World itself has 3 hotels (3 more will open later) with each themes. Hard Rock Hotel for its modern theme, Festive Hotel for kids-friendly atmosphere (they even gave goodie bags to our kids) and Hotel Michael for the Art lovers.

From Festive Hotel we walk through the shopping Gallery that had luxury boutiques such as Bally, Jimmy Choo, Vertu and so on. Before the Gallery, you will see the down escalator names Hall of Treasures  that going to Casino level.

Pasing by the beautiful display, we’ll meet black shiny giant fat statues that i took the photo above. It’s the transititon area before entering Hotel Michael. Turn left than you’ll out to Festive area, the open area that lead us to The Bull Ring, the centre area from Resorts World. From here, you’ll meet Universal Studio.

The Universal Studio, for me it’s more like Disneyland. The Main Street, the souvenir stores, the atmosphere, is typical with the Disneyland (Asia), just with different figures. The area consists of seven different areas. The Lost World, Far Far Away, Madagascar, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, New York and Hollywood. Each area have some attractions. However not all of them are open, since it still soft opening. The 4D Shrek is really fun. The Lost World had Rapid Adventures journey that stop operating after we queuing for 30 mins, because of some trouble. The red and blue roller coaster at Sci-Fi City is not working yet. And the Revenge of the Mummy just started to play at 3pm. And the worst is, the closing time is 6pm. Too short for visitors (especially we just entered midday due to heavy rain).

But sure your kids will love the place.

I missed the night life pictures because we’re too exhausted to go after spent all day here. And i really wanna see the Casino.