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Coaster Tutorial

April 4, 2010

I made coasters today. It’s very simple. I got the pattern from Martha. Then i do my own quilt pattern. I had some batik fabric scrap that i really love the color.

I cut 6 of 12cm squares from each fabrics and so the batting.

Then I put in order, the right side pattern fabrics together, and the batting underneath. Iron it.

Start seaming 1cm around the squares. Don’t forget to leave about 4 cm opening on 1 side.

Cut the 4s corner, to make it neat

Turn the right side out through the opening. Use the non-sharp thing like your knitting needle to push the corner. Pressing it. Backstitches the opening or you can sewing machine for quick result. Then start to quilting about 1cm from edge and start around the squares into the middle of the square.

Voila. So quick and you can send them as a gift

Mine are going to Mom’s House.

Hope you’ll like them, Mom

The Movie: 3 Idiots

April 4, 2010

Am not really fans on Indian movie. Never seen one of them. But 3 Idiots have been around 3 months in the city and all the people talk about this comedy movie. So last night I saw it. I couldn’t stop crying. It was funny although i never heard about the actors. And like other Indian movie, lots of philosophy ¬†we can get.

The film started about the journey of 2 best friends and one of their enemy, to looking after their smart-humble-wise-yet-rascal friend that disappeared after their graduation. Their friendship began when they became students at one of the best Engineering Institute in the country.  However the University is very strict, they had very mean Director that make the students got frustrated. Even they chose suicide.

Of course, even this movie’s being made in modern way, they never forget the dancing ala Indian. Waters, windy, singing and dancing….sooo funny to see. It made me another perception of Indian. Plus, they showed the beautiful scenery. I’ll googling to see where the panorama is, because the sand is sooo white and the sea is sooo damn clean. In a transparent blue water.

Well, there is one more Indian movie that I wanna see, and it was on the box office last couple month.