Coaster Tutorial

I made coasters today. It’s very simple. I got the pattern from Martha. Then i do my own quilt pattern. I had some batik fabric scrap that i really love the color.

I cut 6 of 12cm squares from each fabrics and so the batting.

Then I put in order, the right side pattern fabrics together, and the batting underneath. Iron it.

Start seaming 1cm around the squares. Don’t forget to leave about 4 cm opening on 1 side.

Cut the 4s corner, to make it neat

Turn the right side out through the opening. Use the non-sharp thing like your knitting needle to push the corner. Pressing it. Backstitches the opening or you can sewing machine for quick result. Then start to quilting about 1cm from edge and start around the squares into the middle of the square.

Voila. So quick and you can send them as a gift

Mine are going to Mom’s House.

Hope you’ll like them, Mom


2 Responses to “Coaster Tutorial”

  1. r.a.r.u Says:

    duhhhhh bs amet siy yg ngejilat ibunyaa… kkikikikikkiki

  2. qhishya Says:

    whaa… so many new things here..

    you’re so creative mbaa..good job on the coasters. love them.
    it’s just like my work @ the office, but the different is, I only design them n not making them. I usually use batik which has old look.

    I’m sure she’s gonna love it..! 🙂

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