The Movie: How To Train Your Dragon

After couple weeks didn’t go to the cinema, my kids wanna this movie. Actually, already here ’bout a month ago but wasn’t interest enough to make me want to see it. Today, they came back from school earlier, and asked me to go. I said to them, that i might sleeping inside the cinema because am not too interested.

Anyway, I didn’t sleep at all, this movie really didn’t have some scene that bored me. I was amazed (as usual) to see the animation and in this 3d movie (they even had better 3d) they had subtitle!!

The story is about The Viking Community (oohh remind me of Asterix and Obelix) and their forever enemy: the Dragons. This kid (i have no idea, why he’s not like typical Viking’s, he’s thin and small, opposite his huge father) then becoming friends with one of their enemy, where is not a good situation.

The relationship between father and son, showed us how difficult to discuss something. How the father being dictate and didn’t want to listen. How the kid became individual because he is different with the others.

How the battle between humans and dragons and ended with kid’s sacrifice.

There all in this movies. You have to see it. Disney never failed to train us. Absolutely.

*images from here


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