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Reversible Purse

May 26, 2010

This pattern come from Martha,  i found it easier to watch the video rather than read the ‘how-to’.

Later, i had to put embellishment.


Review: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

May 26, 2010

All i can say is, this book is highly-recommended. It was superb. Told us the story about a boy who were trying to figure out  his dream. And were finding out to realize it. The journey to find the treasure was very hard, but he was very optimistic. And from meeting people on his way, he learned many things. So would we, readers. You will find surprise at the end.

So, my next Coelho’s book is Brida. Please patient with the review, cos i read Time Traveller’s Wife too nowadays.


I couldn’t resist…

May 26, 2010

These books that i couldn’t resist when passing by the bookstore. Because all of Paulo Coelho’s books are 20% discounted. And because The Help by Katherine Stockett– in this store, is cheaper than the other bookstore in town.

Fabric Gift Wrapping Tutorial

May 22, 2010

I don’t have boxes for my sis-in-law’s gift, so when i saw liaspace, i thought it was good idea, thx Lia.

1. Measure your gift. Mine was a batik fabric, so i folded it and i measured it around.

2. I cut two different fabrics and batting

3. Stitches along sides

4. Don’t forget to attached (machine or handstitches) ribbons or strings, or button (i used ric-rac here)

5. Folded as envelope then stitches the two sides, leave for the opening

6. Put your gift into

7. Knotted the ribbon, slipped the greeting card, and off to GO.

note: all photos taken from my cellphone, not very clear.

Stories from my latest trip (cont’d 3)

May 21, 2010


Today was our last day here. We had breakfast in the room. Me had Fruit Yoghurt Parfait this time.

And I decided to visit MoMA. I really wanna see this Museum. Since it was  very close. The opening time was 10.30 so I queued for the ticket and ready to explore. I went here by myself. My friend went to another stores. There were 6 floors and I started from the 5th floor. Where Design and Architecture existed. I also passed the live performance by women artist that I didn’t pay attention. I just thought : what are they doing, sitting face to face, didn’t talk or do anything. Just sit. Weird.

Because I just had 1.5 hours to walk-in the museum (hotel check out time) I skipped the paintings area and went to the upper level, 6th. There was an auditorium where the Security man told me to close my lens because photography was prohibited. It was artist Marina Abramović artwork. I never knew her, never heard her either. But her works made me sweats in palm. All of black and white video and audio recording scared me. Her scream voice and her talking during interview haunted me. For more info about her you can find here: And there were even naked models who presented Marina’s work. It was my first experience to see woman naked in real life. I kept to myself that “she’s psycho woman”.

Out from auditorium I walked downstairs to find the exit way,  it was almost 12 o’clock, and I passed the live performance of woman who dressed beautiful in white, sitting for hours (from the first time I entered the museum) facing one people sitting as well. However the people in front of her was changing. Just realized, the woman was Marina Abramovic herself. I saw her in real life, after  I saw her awkward works upstairs.

Look at the sitting woman in white dress on the left side.

On my way to Hotel I felt relieve yet it was new experience to me that I didn’t want to repeat again. Not the museum visiting, but saw her works again, I prefer said NO.

From the Hotel, such hurry I packed my things. Actually our flight at 9.25 pm but the hotel’s late check out was at 1pm. After put our luggage at the Hotel Storage at the lobby we just took a cab to Apple store at uptown and then continued to walk to Columbus Circle. We had lunch at Masa Japanese Resto (then I lately found out that this resto is same qualified with Nobu). We had Tempura Donburi for sharing. This was delicious lunch.

Picked up our luggage  then hit the cab to JFK airport.  Bye-bye New York, and at 4pm off we go. Passed the Queensboro Bridge, through Queens Area and almost 10 min before we stopped, then I realized that I left my passport and my wallet in the hotel’s safety box. It was 5pm when we arrived, and poor my friend, she had to taking care all of our luggages. Luckily she found the porter service which charged her 1$ per bag. While me,  called to the taxi and going back to the hotel. I already called the Hotel and thanks a bunch to them, they even already got my things in front of them.

Lucky for us we planned to go to JFK Airport earlier, because I need about another 1 hours to go back to the JFK again. Thanks God, the driver wanted to wait outside the hotel and brought me back to the airport.

I finished all my business at 7pm  and began to relieve. On my way, I kept praying because was afraid if I couldn’t make it before departure. Can you imagine what will happen if we planned to go to JFK at 6pm???

My friend took me to the Express Spa to get our foot massage. I bet she was nervous as well thus she emptied the whole cup of Magnolia Banana Pudding herself.

On my way back home, I planned to eat smart in the plane. I picked something that I like and didn’t take them all. And because I was sleepy already. But  turbulence still active, so my sleep was not well though.  I watch Gossip Girl again. Love this episode when Chuck just didn’t want to be sad on his father’s one-year-death. I really cried. And when he kissed Blair’s hair so gentle. Me in love.

After 8 hours flight, we arrived (again) at the cold-hearted airport. The people here was cold as well. And they didn’t check my camera like last couple days. Weird. We had 2 hours transit time. And we still had our Magnolia cupcake. We tried Carrot cupcake also, but my fave still chocolate cupcake with choc icing.

Next 12 hours to go. Watched Lovely Bones. Cried again. Hmm too sensitive? Really wanna see my kid sooooo badly.

Now I could sleep well and we arrived at Changi at 6am. But we didn’t have time to looking around because the next flight was already waiting.


Arrived at 8.30am

J town, am here. Home sweet home.

Stories from my latest trip (cont’d 2)

May 21, 2010


We had breakfast at Starbucks at Times Square. This coffee stores were spreading like mushrooms. They were everywhere. I loved their sandwiches. It was tomato, pesto and mozzarella cheese inside the foccacia bread.

Toys R Us was heaven for kids, and so for my friend. They had giant wheel inside, with toys everywhere. We finished here for two hours and buried ourself with toys in the cab.

We already reserved for Nobu Tribeca today. The well-known Japanese resto is soo simple and humble. You can see from the name tag in the front door. But the dishes were so delicious. We chose Salmon Teriyaki and Assorted Sushi. And finished with Mochi ice cream. Peach mochi is the best.

Accidentally we found Baker store, and we visit those beautiful interior design store, while nobody watched us. We  took picture and picture and the staff just let us walked around.

Then we took a cab to go to Colombus Street. When we’re looking for a store, suddenly we saw Magnolia Bakery, the namesake for the cupcake. I love their chocolate cupcake and choc icing. Yummy to the max.


We didn’t have dinner again today because our fully stomach. Cupcakes made us laying in our bed so early.



Due to jetlag, we slept around 9 or 10, then woke up at 2-3 am, and couldn’t sleep again, so we had shower. For today’s  breakfast I chose Egg Benedicts (I always love the poached eggs upon English muffin/bread topped by slice of cheese and hollandaise sauce) companied by salad.  And lovely cup of hot cappuccino.

I went to Central Park alone while my friend went to 24hours Apple Store. I really wanna try to jog here but then I couldn’t bring my camera along, and I wanna take the pics so I decided just took a walk here. Then my friend called me to company her at te Baker. She wanna choose some fabrics.

We then hit the Serendipity 3 for the frrrozen Hot Chocolate and visit Dylan’s Candy Store and eat Kung Pao Chicken Spaghettti at CPK. I like to eat Tricolore Salad but my stomache was full of the ice. And we had reservation at 6 pm at 21 Club.


The club, must be for older people, too serious. This was one of the must-visit (according to 1001 things to do in NY book). We had Dover Sole fish for main course and sharing too. And profiteroles as desert.

Back to Hotel, full stomach and exhausted and had to packing for tomorrow.

Stories from my latest trip (cont’d 1)

May 21, 2010


We woke up early that day and we took a walk to Peninsula Hotel for breakfast. We had Japanese Breakfast, delicious rice, I miss my home food.

Then we walk to Columbia Circle. And looking for Buchon Bakery for well known as Best Macaroon here. The macaroons were huge. We picked some of them and the pistachio madelaine and the oreo cookies.

Our plan today was go to Soho. We took a cab and just realized that on Sunday, the shops were open at 12.00am. After waited and hit some shops, (Soho is very different from 5th avenue) the shops were small yet friendly. We had lunch at Mottsu Japanese Restaurant. I ordered cold soba and when it was arrived, I little bit disappointed. Because it was different from what I imagined (forgot to take a pic of the food).

Lion Brand Studio was our next destination. Yeah…my fave shop.  I even forget what project i want to make and what i wanna buy. So I just picked some cotton yarns and ended with 12 skeins of them. I took the sock yarn even though I didn’t know when I wanna make them. Was impressed by the beautiful colors of the yarn.

Hit the cab to go to Broadway for watching Mammamia. On this time we had badly sleepy time. And while saw Mammamia, I hardly try to open my eyes wide, and couple times my head were fell off. But I really loved the show. Never watch broadway show before (while it was the third for my friend) I was impressed for the sound, the acts, the dance performance.

The show ended at 9, and we walked through Times Square. Due to the car bomb case yesterday, we saw many police officers here.

M&M store here was cute, along with Hershey’s store across the street. And it open till midnight. We planned to go broadway again tomorrow to visit Toys R Us.

Stories from my latest trip

May 21, 2010

TRIP TO NEW YORK,  April 29-May 5


During my trip to NY, I had transit to Singapore and Frankfurt. Leaving my house @ 9.00 ,  had to go before my son came home from school, I couldn’t face farewell with them.

My flight was at 2.30 and after arrived at Changi, we went to Ion Orchard. This is one of my new favourite building in Orchard. We stopped at TWG Tea House. I had couple of Macaroons and Pistachio Mille Fieulle for sharing and Earl Grey tes which I love the smell and the taste.

My next flight is at 23.50. We still had plenty time to walk around, however it took about 1 hour to wait for the taxi, so we decided to go straight to Changi. The long journey would take 12.40 hours to stopped at Frankfurt, and planned to sleep while the turbulence worried me so much that i kept praying.

Then I started to sleep for almost 2 hours until I feel my stomach was twisted. I got diarrhea. I think because of antibiotics that I took lately, and I went to lavatory for about 5 times.

I couldn’t sleep again till we stopped at Frankfurt. I watch Nine and Gossip Girls. Frankfurt International Airport was very quite, it was 6.30 on the morning. Contrary with what happened couple days ago, when this airport was full of people that waiting for their cancelled flights due to volcano ashes from Iceland.

We stopped here for 2 hours.

So, we had 8.25 hours more for our destination. And I had cups of dark tea for my stomach ache.


We arrived at JFK Airport at 11am and the immigration process was very quick yet nervous me. Then we hit the cab to Park Lane Hotel, Manhattan. The taxi fare from JFK to Manhattan was 45.00 plus tax. It’s a flat rate. Took about an hour. The time difference between NY and Jakarta was 13 hours. The room  wasn’t ready yet when we’re there. We have to go back for 3 hours later. So we went to Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. This was the biggest Apple Store in NY (3 stores in NY) and it never closed. They open 24/7. And here was very crowd. Like in the traditional market. People here were queueing and buying iPad. And this place was one of tourists’ object.

After we got the room and take a shower,  we went out again and I got hot chocolate from Starbucks. It was pretty cool outside. Thus we skipped dinner ‘cause we still full. And we went back to Hotel because we had jet-lag.

New Books

May 17, 2010

Sorry for being loonnggg absence.

Here are the books that i bought lately:

note: all images from Amazon–no wonder there were ‘look inside’ label on the top of images

Love them so much, mostly there were discounted books that’s why i couldn’t resist them.