Stories from my latest trip (cont’d 2)


We had breakfast at Starbucks at Times Square. This coffee stores were spreading like mushrooms. They were everywhere. I loved their sandwiches. It was tomato, pesto and mozzarella cheese inside the foccacia bread.

Toys R Us was heaven for kids, and so for my friend. They had giant wheel inside, with toys everywhere. We finished here for two hours and buried ourself with toys in the cab.

We already reserved for Nobu Tribeca today. The well-known Japanese resto is soo simple and humble. You can see from the name tag in the front door. But the dishes were so delicious. We chose Salmon Teriyaki and Assorted Sushi. And finished with Mochi ice cream. Peach mochi is the best.

Accidentally we found Baker store, and we visit those beautiful interior design store, while nobody watched us. We  took picture and picture and the staff just let us walked around.

Then we took a cab to go to Colombus Street. When we’re looking for a store, suddenly we saw Magnolia Bakery, the namesake for the cupcake. I love their chocolate cupcake and choc icing. Yummy to the max.


We didn’t have dinner again today because our fully stomach. Cupcakes made us laying in our bed so early.



Due to jetlag, we slept around 9 or 10, then woke up at 2-3 am, and couldn’t sleep again, so we had shower. For today’s  breakfast I chose Egg Benedicts (I always love the poached eggs upon English muffin/bread topped by slice of cheese and hollandaise sauce) companied by salad.  And lovely cup of hot cappuccino.

I went to Central Park alone while my friend went to 24hours Apple Store. I really wanna try to jog here but then I couldn’t bring my camera along, and I wanna take the pics so I decided just took a walk here. Then my friend called me to company her at te Baker. She wanna choose some fabrics.

We then hit the Serendipity 3 for the frrrozen Hot Chocolate and visit Dylan’s Candy Store and eat Kung Pao Chicken Spaghettti at CPK. I like to eat Tricolore Salad but my stomache was full of the ice. And we had reservation at 6 pm at 21 Club.


The club, must be for older people, too serious. This was one of the must-visit (according to 1001 things to do in NY book). We had Dover Sole fish for main course and sharing too. And profiteroles as desert.

Back to Hotel, full stomach and exhausted and had to packing for tomorrow.

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