Stories from my latest trip (cont’d 1)


We woke up early that day and we took a walk to Peninsula Hotel for breakfast. We had Japanese Breakfast, delicious rice, I miss my home food.

Then we walk to Columbia Circle. And looking for Buchon Bakery for well known as Best Macaroon here. The macaroons were huge. We picked some of them and the pistachio madelaine and the oreo cookies.

Our plan today was go to Soho. We took a cab and just realized that on Sunday, the shops were open at 12.00am. After waited and hit some shops, (Soho is very different from 5th avenue) the shops were small yet friendly. We had lunch at Mottsu Japanese Restaurant. I ordered cold soba and when it was arrived, I little bit disappointed. Because it was different from what I imagined (forgot to take a pic of the food).

Lion Brand Studio was our next destination. Yeah…my fave shop.  I even forget what project i want to make and what i wanna buy. So I just picked some cotton yarns and ended with 12 skeins of them. I took the sock yarn even though I didn’t know when I wanna make them. Was impressed by the beautiful colors of the yarn.

Hit the cab to go to Broadway for watching Mammamia. On this time we had badly sleepy time. And while saw Mammamia, I hardly try to open my eyes wide, and couple times my head were fell off. But I really loved the show. Never watch broadway show before (while it was the third for my friend) I was impressed for the sound, the acts, the dance performance.

The show ended at 9, and we walked through Times Square. Due to the car bomb case yesterday, we saw many police officers here.

M&M store here was cute, along with Hershey’s store across the street. And it open till midnight. We planned to go broadway again tomorrow to visit Toys R Us.

One Response to “Stories from my latest trip (cont’d 1)”

  1. Lia Says:

    I miss NYC! 🙂 and I loooove wicked 😀

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