Stories from my latest trip

TRIP TO NEW YORK,  April 29-May 5


During my trip to NY, I had transit to Singapore and Frankfurt. Leaving my house @ 9.00 ,  had to go before my son came home from school, I couldn’t face farewell with them.

My flight was at 2.30 and after arrived at Changi, we went to Ion Orchard. This is one of my new favourite building in Orchard. We stopped at TWG Tea House. I had couple of Macaroons and Pistachio Mille Fieulle for sharing and Earl Grey tes which I love the smell and the taste.

My next flight is at 23.50. We still had plenty time to walk around, however it took about 1 hour to wait for the taxi, so we decided to go straight to Changi. The long journey would take 12.40 hours to stopped at Frankfurt, and planned to sleep while the turbulence worried me so much that i kept praying.

Then I started to sleep for almost 2 hours until I feel my stomach was twisted. I got diarrhea. I think because of antibiotics that I took lately, and I went to lavatory for about 5 times.

I couldn’t sleep again till we stopped at Frankfurt. I watch Nine and Gossip Girls. Frankfurt International Airport was very quite, it was 6.30 on the morning. Contrary with what happened couple days ago, when this airport was full of people that waiting for their cancelled flights due to volcano ashes from Iceland.

We stopped here for 2 hours.

So, we had 8.25 hours more for our destination. And I had cups of dark tea for my stomach ache.


We arrived at JFK Airport at 11am and the immigration process was very quick yet nervous me. Then we hit the cab to Park Lane Hotel, Manhattan. The taxi fare from JFK to Manhattan was 45.00 plus tax. It’s a flat rate. Took about an hour. The time difference between NY and Jakarta was 13 hours. The room  wasn’t ready yet when we’re there. We have to go back for 3 hours later. So we went to Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. This was the biggest Apple Store in NY (3 stores in NY) and it never closed. They open 24/7. And here was very crowd. Like in the traditional market. People here were queueing and buying iPad. And this place was one of tourists’ object.

After we got the room and take a shower,  we went out again and I got hot chocolate from Starbucks. It was pretty cool outside. Thus we skipped dinner ‘cause we still full. And we went back to Hotel because we had jet-lag.

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