Ice Cream Soda

It was very hot weekend, and in Martha Stewart’s Living magazine, there’s ‘colorful cow’. I don’t know that Americans meaning of ‘cow’ was Ice Cream Soda in Indonesia. When i look in the fridge, i found all the ingredients. So i made this ‘strawberry cow’ and kids love it.

How to make: (for 1 glass serving)

2-3 tbsp Strawberry syrup (you can choose whatever syrup you like, or you had)

2 scoops vanilla ice cream

and fill in the glass with Soda water

And….it was perfect drink for this hot sunny days.


2 Responses to “Ice Cream Soda”

  1. qhishya Says:

    slurp! today i’m fasting n when i see this, makes my mouth watery..
    for the soda water, is it better use plain or with flavour?!
    thank u! :-*

  2. chicfuschia Says:

    plain is better!!! happy fasting yah…

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