The Movie: Sex and The City 2

After waiting for several days,  i got the opportunity to see Carrie Bradshaw and her friends.

As usual, the sequel was not as good as the previous one. And you could find it here too. The NY setting (which we’re like from the movie) was so little that we saw the almost all sweat and hot weather. They had 7 weeks in Abu Dhabi for shooting.

I thought the wardrobes were too much. And the fashions were out of limits. I didn’t know either what happened with the camera, maybe because the white settings at their gay’s friends wedding, it looked dull. But we really excited with Liza Minelli appearance.

The story itself about marriage life of Bradshaw and Mr. Big. And the gangs got sudden holiday from The Sheik of Arabian, who sent them away from their life to middle eastern. Here Bradshaw met Aidan, her then-boyfriend. And how lucky were they who had their friendship as gorgeous as always.

I love Bradshaw’s apartment. I put some pics in my previous posting. And even they couldn’t diminish their wrinkles, they were really stunning.

And the soundtrack, Empire State of Mind from Alicia Keys is really on my top playlist, but i like the Jay Z version.

Here’s the youtube link.

images from


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