While i’m biking

I thought i wanna give up with my gym. I’m so lazy lately that i wanna quit and find some Yoga place around here. But today, i dragged myself to burn my calories, so i hardly started this day to gym. Lately i like biking. Using Exercises Bike. I never go to RPM Class. I enjoy cycling while reading book or magazine. I even didn’t notice that i overtime. Usually set to 30min and ended 10 mins more.

Cycling and reading Time Traveller’s Wife. Not clear picture since i used my cellphone. But i adore using the cellphone as my take-picture tool, because i can exactly sent it to my email, so when i opened my laptop,  it’s quicker way to uploading to this blog. However, the quality is quite bad. Should i change to new cellphone?

Hey, am in love again with my exercise machine. Re-thinking about quitting.


One Response to “While i’m biking”

  1. r.a.r.u Says:

    you have no more calories to burn, my friend….so stop burning whatever you have =P

    if it ain’t broken don’t fix it or in this case don’t change it. RE:cellphone

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