Karate Kid

*taken from google.images

Just watch the trailer, made me want to see this movie. I always impressed with China story, not to mention how gross the country is. China is full of tradition and culture. Mixture of modern and conventional. The people still drink herbal medicine while Modern Architecture built for Olympiade last couple years. High rise buildings contrast with crowded market and housing.

I love ‘Curse of Golden Flower‘ movie. Full of detail and the scenery was unbelievable gorgeous. But i won’t talk that Chow Yun Fat movie.

Watching Karate Kid was little bit awkward for me. Kind of weird see American kid, trained for Kungfu, and win the tournament against the best-mean-Chinese boy. And how come he did it so well in a little time?? Kungfu needs couple year to make it right. Maybe Dre Parker was born to be kungfu-ers. Or maybe he’s so lucky.

But Jaden Smith is really stunning. From “The Pursuit of Happyness’, i always remembered when his sad face seeing his Captain America figure dropped when he caught the bus. And here, saw he really afraid of people who bullied him, he really natural-born actor.

Toys Story 3 next, or the A-Team?

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