Eclipse-The Movie- is Here

My friend asked me today to watch the 1st premiere of Eclipse from Twilight Saga. Am so excited, because the show was on 9.30 am. We never went to the cinema in these early hour. And i never see the Twilight fans either. They’re screaming and screaming!!!

Edward Cullen is the most handsome, of course, but Jacob’s more mature here, and Bella (as women, we envy her) got kissed from those gorgeous man. Lucky her.

The story itself was about battle between vampires and the newbie-vampires (group of new vampires that formed by red-haired Victoria-who still tried to kill Bella) . The werewolves (very cool things and animation) helped the Cullens to fight with the newbie. And the Volturis came to ask the Cullens promised ’bout changing Bella into their community. Here Bella always pushed Edward to transform her into vampire. Thus Edward refused to commute her until they’re married. yes, he proposed her…


2 Responses to “Eclipse-The Movie- is Here”

  1. r.a.r.u Says:

    cant believe you watched that early!!! talking about the fans… were u one of them who’s screaming and screaming!???? =)))

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