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Fasting Day 17: Homemade Brownies

August 27, 2010

I always love brownies, especially the fudgy one. I found the receipt from Martha Stewart’s Living Magazine, but you’ll find it here.

The result is not too fudgy. And i put less sugar on it. Still looking for the perfect one.


This is Cool

August 27, 2010

My husband really know me well. He knew that i kept about 2-3 ecobags in my carryall, so he bought this at the Circle K.

The bag is medium size, but when  folded, it’s very tiny. I like it very much and look at the title inside: I MAKE DIFFERENCE WHILE SHOPPING, RED GOES GREEN,  cool rite?? Just check the website:

Fasting Day 12: The Expendables

August 22, 2010

This is really NOT my type of movie. Just company my husband to watch his kind of film, like he companied me watch Sex and The City. The first thing i wanna saw the films, i check them at the IMDB and read the story or the reviews. Since this movie was on US Box Office, i am please to go to the cinema.

It’s like the hero-guys-reunion. Sylvester Stallone who was the Director and Actress, was a leader of the group named Expendables. They’ve been hired to do some missions. He had Jason Statham, Jet Li,  Randy Couture, Steve Austin as his colleagues. Oh, he had Dolph Lundgren as his ex-member becoming rival. Mickey Rourke was here too as a harley davidson-ish man, leather vest, tattos, and girls. Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared as cameos, and threw some funny jokes ’bout becoming Mr. President.

The story was not special, killing and violence were allowed. In 5 minutes, around 20 peoples were died. Then you can imagine for the rest of  the movie. Blood everywhere, but still Ninja Assassin feared me more. The Expendables got the task to go to Vilena, beautiful Island that being ruined by the rich American man who influenced Vilena’s General with his money.

The casts were typical also. Why they put Lundgren and Eric Roberts as bad peoples (as always), that’s so predictable. Why they didn’t put Lundgren as the Hero and Stallone as a Villain? But, well worth for entertaining your boring weekend. And gorgeous poster.

note: images from

Fasting Day 10: Kolang Kaling

August 20, 2010

Too bad i don’t have the pictures of Kolang kaling itself.

During this fasting month, people seeking the sweetness yet refreshing beverages. One of people’s fave is Kolang Kaling. They are fruits from Sugar Palm trees. White transparant color, oval shaped, sweet and rubbery feel.

My kolang kalings are red and green (sound perfect for christmas gift). They’ve been soaking in sugar liquid that colored with pandan leaves. I don’t know where the red one comes. Food Coloring maybe. Nope, i didn’t make it alone, i ordered them from my friend. I usually put them in skim milk, let them soak for a minute.


August 20, 2010

I got this Klappertart today. As a gift from Bandung. I always love Klappertart. This Indonesian Dessert, from Manado, adopted from Netherland, is a sweet vanilla custard, with lots if coconut slices, topped with raisin, almond and sprinkled with cinnamon powder. Heaven…

My new fave

August 17, 2010

This Milk Pie (Pie Susu) from Bali, is my new fave for the dessert. One is never enough.

The thin pie crust topped with thin milk custard, with enough sweetness.

I took a picture with SLR, but how’s the result is not good??

Fasting Day 7

August 17, 2010

Today is our 65th Independence Day.

Holiday again. Raining all day.

Missing taking picture.


Browsing. In love with thompsonfamily



PS I Made This.

Fasting Day 4, 5, 6

August 17, 2010


Fasting on weekend means waking up very late for us. We out from bedroom around 10am and go back again and out again and so on. We went to my mom-in-law’s place to break our fasting. So much fun there, the kids light up the fireworks, too bad i didn’t bring my camera.


Sunday, another lazy day.

Today, we went to my mom’s place and brought the iga konro bakar (barbeque ribs) and coto makassar and es palubutung for dessert. Delicious.


Me went to Immigration Office to extend my passport book. Today just submitted the application and next thursday, we come back to take photos and finger prints. I’ll bring my kids along.

Hit the Gym and dentist visit.  Thank God, finished with the root canal.

Oh…no pictures in this posting, hate it.

Fasting Day 3

August 13, 2010

I cleaned my house today, well, not all of the room, but stuffs upon Piano, my kids’ game player under TV, and start to decorate my craft desk (not the room yet).

empty desk

birthday gift from my friend. She didn’t put the ages!! love it

next project: de-cluttering the cable (hate it)

taken from my upstair balcony, the front yard in front of my house

Frangipani in the balcony

This beautiful sari fabric from India–found at room upstair

gorgeous bowls from my mom–almost forget where i put them

new decorating stuffs

Fasting Day 2

August 13, 2010

Today  i had to go early to get the bank draft–for my parents’ Canadian Visa Embassy, due to my sis 2nd labor nx month–and submit the applications.

I don’t know what happened to the Immigration officers, or Visa Application officers. Why they didn’t have tender-hearted or just give us smile? And to make it worse, they are all Indonesians. Well, maybe they’re so tired of meeting applicants, in a different type, but little bit smile is really not bad.

OK, my parents’ application is FINE, almost completed, except they give me one page of Visitor Questionnaire that i have to fill it and needs my parents’ sign. It took 45mins to go back to my parents’ place, and i felt like a wasting time. So i was out from the Visa room and looking a place to sit down and fill it. Don’t ask  who did the signature of my  parents.

So….after around 30mins, i gave back to the officers, and have to wait 7 days minimum for the result.

Next, hit the gym. Couldn’t concentrate well, after 5 mins at the abdominal machine, realize that i left my phone at the Cycling Static. Lucky me, the phone still there.

Today is sleepy head for me.