Fasting Day 2

Today  i had to go early to get the bank draft–for my parents’ Canadian Visa Embassy, due to my sis 2nd labor nx month–and submit the applications.

I don’t know what happened to the Immigration officers, or Visa Application officers. Why they didn’t have tender-hearted or just give us smile? And to make it worse, they are all Indonesians. Well, maybe they’re so tired of meeting applicants, in a different type, but little bit smile is really not bad.

OK, my parents’ application is FINE, almost completed, except they give me one page of Visitor Questionnaire that i have to fill it and needs my parents’ sign. It took 45mins to go back to my parents’ place, and i felt like a wasting time. So i was out from the Visa room and looking a place to sit down and fill it. Don’t ask  who did the signature of my  parents.

So….after around 30mins, i gave back to the officers, and have to wait 7 days minimum for the result.

Next, hit the gym. Couldn’t concentrate well, after 5 mins at the abdominal machine, realize that i left my phone at the Cycling Static. Lucky me, the phone still there.

Today is sleepy head for me.


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