Fasting Day 12: The Expendables

This is really NOT my type of movie. Just company my husband to watch his kind of film, like he companied me watch Sex and The City. The first thing i wanna saw the films, i check them at the IMDB and read the story or the reviews. Since this movie was on US Box Office, i am please to go to the cinema.

It’s like the hero-guys-reunion. Sylvester Stallone who was the Director and Actress, was a leader of the group named Expendables. They’ve been hired to do some missions. He had Jason Statham, Jet Li,  Randy Couture, Steve Austin as his colleagues. Oh, he had Dolph Lundgren as his ex-member becoming rival. Mickey Rourke was here too as a harley davidson-ish man, leather vest, tattos, and girls. Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared as cameos, and threw some funny jokes ’bout becoming Mr. President.

The story was not special, killing and violence were allowed. In 5 minutes, around 20 peoples were died. Then you can imagine for the rest of  the movie. Blood everywhere, but still Ninja Assassin feared me more. The Expendables got the task to go to Vilena, beautiful Island that being ruined by the rich American man who influenced Vilena’s General with his money.

The casts were typical also. Why they put Lundgren and Eric Roberts as bad peoples (as always), that’s so predictable. Why they didn’t put Lundgren as the Hero and Stallone as a Villain? But, well worth for entertaining your boring weekend. And gorgeous poster.

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