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Inside My Bag

September 29, 2010

This stuffs inside my spacious bag lately:

-Pink pouch that i put my make up–lip balm, liptint, solid perfume–my small victorinox, nail clipper, pen, small reusable bag, oh  my….just realised i   lost my mint tin can


-handmade cheque book

-blackberry bold

-small planner

-minnie mouse notebook

-the camera case


I wish I could live in a bookstore

September 29, 2010

I wish I could live in a bookstore. For me, going to bookstore is like children get lost in the candyshop or toyshop. It really makes me happy, make me thrill. Books always amuse me. I could stay hour and hour just to browse the title and smell the book and feel the atmosphere. The coffee shop nearby is a +. My love for the book had been rise since I was a child. My father is the 1st person that taught me to read, he let me read even I hadn’t go to school yet, he always took me to bookstores. He introduced me how to involve with books. Still in my mind, Pippi the Longstocking by Astrid Lundgren, Little Prairie by Laura Ingalls, not to forget Alfred Hitchcock, Enyd Bliton, and getting more I like Agatha Christie, Sydney Sheldon and i spread my read list with non fiction. Not really big fan of comics,  found it was too quick to read. I really enjoy the pages after pages thus I like words rather than comics. That’s why I prefer to go to bookstore rather than music store.

I still had my old book collection. But now I tried to collect my childhood again. Mostly, they had reprinted and retranslate.

I introduce my reading habit to my sons.  They like to read superheroes things, that contrary with me, but I tried to read and listen to them. I read books before they sleep. Their faves is Franklin the Turtle. It has beautiful pictures. I think, for my eldest, it’s too childish, but he likes it, and that’s the one way to keep me bonding with them.

Well, too bad, we don’t have appropriate library here. Books are expensive, and we just cannot afford them all, so we need good libraries to make people like to read. I envy the private library that had such a wonderful collection.  But they didn’t  open for public.

In my city, we have quite good bookstores. Kinokuniya is the best and have the most complete collection. However, they rarely give us special prices.  Periplus and Times are having comfortable atmosphere.  For local books, Gramedia is the best. Now they have imported section books. And I found Martine books here.

Date Night: Korean Food

September 28, 2010

i rarely posting about where i ate for dinner, but today, we had accidentally (because kiddos didn’t want to follow us) date night for Korean food. And this food had been on my mind since couple months ago.

I love the sweet taste of their sauce, i love the spiciness, and i love the appetizers.

Usually the banchan (side dish) comes as appetizer in a variety small bowls. Either green salad, crispy sweet potato, steam broccoli, kimchi, seasoned clams, and many more.  Seriously, we already full enough with Banchan itself.

We ordered Bulkalbi, marinated beef ribs and grilled in front of us. We dipped into sweet sauce, or we can put them into lettuce together with chili and grilled garlic. And also our favourites: Ojingo-bokum–spicy stir fried squids and vegetables– and Jap Chae–cellophane noddles, stir fried with vegetables and mushroom.

I adores Bibimbap–rice dish along with vegetable, meat, eggs-all in one bowl. But one bowl is super big for me, and hubby didn’t wanna eat rice, so i skipped Bibimbap. Maybe later.

Ojingo-bokum with banchan

Writing Exercise 1

September 23, 2010

I urge to write lately, and i follow the writing tips on twitter. They really tickled me to try to write properly.

One of the writing exercises is: Write a 300-word description of your bedroom.

I did this lesson.

My Bedroom

We had extra king-size bed for us to sleep. The headboard is a full height mirror, framed by old-chocolate-color wood with herringbones pattern. Across our bed, there are 44inch television set, with DVD Player underneath plus some of unwatched  DVD discs. Copied or original. Next to them, there is custom-made working table, brown colored  too, with Computer set and new printer machine that works as photocopier, fax machine and also scanner, bought last month. Lots of brochure and flyers, ATM and credit card receipts. Pencil case and basket of small things.

We had two reclining-seater black leather sofa with adjustable foot, so we can lay down. But this sofa is rarely to sit because we usually put something upon, such as praying clothes and praying rug. Now i had basket for our praying clothes and rugs. And now i really enjoying reading here while companying my husband watching TV.

Besides our bed, we had bedside table that actually not suit with our bedroom furniture. The color is not match and there’re part of my sons’ bedroom. They’re low height, comparing to our bed, but fairly enough to put our stuffs. For glass of water and novels to read. And a kind of bookshelf with same color as bedside table, but one of my favorite because I can put my side novels and magazines and bunches of paper so they won’t full the desk. On top of the shelf, we put our bottle perfume, watches and accessories that we wear them daily. We don’t have dressing table and mirror, since we had huge mirror as a headboard, and I do my make up in the bathroom.

We had small walk-in closet as a place for clothes and friends. But everyday it seem smaller thus our stuffs getting more. And we had ensuite bathroom on the other side of the wall. The bedroom is a sanctuary to me. Me as an introvert person, prefer staying in the bedroom rather than in the living room. Feeling comfort and safe, like a turtle and its shell.

1st Homemade Bread

September 18, 2010

I never made a bread before. But i really try it because i want to know how the process. I curious ’bout the doubled size of the dough while we left it for 1-2 hours. I want to try how to knead. So i googled for Easy Bread Recipe, found here and luckily i had all the ingredients needed.

the look of the dough after kneading. think i should do more kneading. 5-10min?

The result. Not bad after all, but still had the yeast smell. My youngest son like it, with nutella. He always be nice to me and enjoy my cooking.

Fasting Day 29: Kids Story Books

September 7, 2010

When i was kid, i was a big fans of Martine–beautiful and educated books by Gilbert Delahaye and Marcel Marlier (It’s Tina in Indonesian). They really had beautiful pictures  that i never get bored to looking at. Due to my grown up ages, the books were lost. I didn’t have any. Then someday i found at one of blogger that fans of Martine too. I remembered again and she said that i can get the second book at the market. Marcel Marlier even had the flicker group.

Today visiting to bookstore didn’t really interest me, because i’m still reading The Help and didn’t plan to buy the new one, so i sat at the children books area to find something to my niece…and i found Martine. Ahhh…my memory is come back. I bought 2 in english edition and two more books in Indonesian. Actually the Indonesian edition is a sticker book that consists of Martine pictures. Didn’t have the story. But i still enjoyed the pictures…and still looking for Martine and the flower party.

Since i didn’t have daughter, these books really show the girly side of me. I have to browsing more in this section area.

Fasting Day 27: New Cushion

September 6, 2010

My cushions need something new, i remembered still had batik fabric from Amesh that i really love the color. So i made this 2 different model. I use polkadots pattern to mix n match. This is new for me, and so easy to make. However, i couldn’t sew the zipper yet, so i chose button instead.


Fasting Day 26: Kitchen Timer

September 5, 2010

I don’t have kitchen timer, usually i just turn on my alarm, to remind me to turn off the oven. Now i’m trying to find the cute timer that double as decoration in my kitchen.

1. The Ice Cream Cone, from here

2. Hamburger, found here

3. For retro lovers,

4. Digital colors

5. Oh…cute

6. Vintage magnet, see here

7. Smile, please from

8. Alessi, never failed me..

Today is the 26th day of this Fasting Month. 5 days more to go.