Fasting Day 29: Kids Story Books

When i was kid, i was a big fans of Martine–beautiful and educated books by Gilbert Delahaye and Marcel Marlier (It’s Tina in Indonesian). They really had beautiful pictures  that i never get bored to looking at. Due to my grown up ages, the books were lost. I didn’t have any. Then someday i found at one of blogger that fans of Martine too. I remembered again and she said that i can get the second book at the market. Marcel Marlier even had the flicker group.

Today visiting to bookstore didn’t really interest me, because i’m still reading The Help and didn’t plan to buy the new one, so i sat at the children books area to find something to my niece…and i found Martine. Ahhh…my memory is come back. I bought 2 in english edition and two more books in Indonesian. Actually the Indonesian edition is a sticker book that consists of Martine pictures. Didn’t have the story. But i still enjoyed the pictures…and still looking for Martine and the flower party.

Since i didn’t have daughter, these books really show the girly side of me. I have to browsing more in this section area.


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