Date Night: Korean Food

i rarely posting about where i ate for dinner, but today, we had accidentally (because kiddos didn’t want to follow us) date night for Korean food. And this food had been on my mind since couple months ago.

I love the sweet taste of their sauce, i love the spiciness, and i love the appetizers.

Usually the banchan (side dish) comes as appetizer in a variety small bowls. Either green salad, crispy sweet potato, steam broccoli, kimchi, seasoned clams, and many more.  Seriously, we already full enough with Banchan itself.

We ordered Bulkalbi, marinated beef ribs and grilled in front of us. We dipped into sweet sauce, or we can put them into lettuce together with chili and grilled garlic. And also our favourites: Ojingo-bokum–spicy stir fried squids and vegetables– and Jap Chae–cellophane noddles, stir fried with vegetables and mushroom.

I adores Bibimbap–rice dish along with vegetable, meat, eggs-all in one bowl. But one bowl is super big for me, and hubby didn’t wanna eat rice, so i skipped Bibimbap. Maybe later.

Ojingo-bokum with banchan


One Response to “Date Night: Korean Food”

  1. r.a.r.u Says:

    take me! take me! take me there pleasee….. u should try soondubu jigae

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