I wish I could live in a bookstore

I wish I could live in a bookstore. For me, going to bookstore is like children get lost in the candyshop or toyshop. It really makes me happy, make me thrill. Books always amuse me. I could stay hour and hour just to browse the title and smell the book and feel the atmosphere. The coffee shop nearby is a +. My love for the book had been rise since I was a child. My father is the 1st person that taught me to read, he let me read even I hadn’t go to school yet, he always took me to bookstores. He introduced me how to involve with books. Still in my mind, Pippi the Longstocking by Astrid Lundgren, Little Prairie by Laura Ingalls, not to forget Alfred Hitchcock, Enyd Bliton, and getting more I like Agatha Christie, Sydney Sheldon and i spread my read list with non fiction. Not really big fan of comics,  found it was too quick to read. I really enjoy the pages after pages thus I like words rather than comics. That’s why I prefer to go to bookstore rather than music store.

I still had my old book collection. But now I tried to collect my childhood again. Mostly, they had reprinted and retranslate.

I introduce my reading habit to my sons.  They like to read superheroes things, that contrary with me, but I tried to read and listen to them. I read books before they sleep. Their faves is Franklin the Turtle. It has beautiful pictures. I think, for my eldest, it’s too childish, but he likes it, and that’s the one way to keep me bonding with them.

Well, too bad, we don’t have appropriate library here. Books are expensive, and we just cannot afford them all, so we need good libraries to make people like to read. I envy the private library that had such a wonderful collection.  But they didn’t  open for public.

In my city, we have quite good bookstores. Kinokuniya is the best and have the most complete collection. However, they rarely give us special prices.  Periplus and Times are having comfortable atmosphere.  For local books, Gramedia is the best. Now they have imported section books. And I found Martine books here.

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