New Toys: Smilebox

I had smilebox application from last year, but i rarely use it, because i had no time to play with it. On our wedding anniversary, i planned to make a book that consist of digital scrapbook pages (hei… digital is quicker for me). I need the express one, so i opened the smilebox.

They have so many themes but only few that suitable with my taste. And all you have to do is collecting your photos, the more the merrier. And just drag them into the available places, plus you can add the music background (well you have to pay for it). There are 14-days free trial if you put on your credit card detail.

And in couple hours, the scrapbook pages were set. Now am still looking for the album or how to display them. i rather save them into my laptop and working the texting on the adobe photoshop.

And after i printed them at home, i showed it to my older son, he corrected me. I put the wrong years. I typed 2011. Well, have to change it before i give it to my hubby, actually the date was over, but i planned to give it on our upcoming dinner date which is unplanned yet.




One Response to “New Toys: Smilebox”

  1. qhishya Says:

    soo sweett.. hope u’re always together forever.. :*

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