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Updating my absence

December 18, 2010

So long i didn’t posting. I still figure out, why i can’t redirect this blog address with the domain name i already bought.

Lately, i found my husband’s old shirt and i tried to alter it into my boys size. The hardest part was doing the yoke. I didn’t have experience for this. After finished, i put it into my son, sadly, it was too small for him, especially the body size, so i tried it on and got the idea. i preferred to wear it for myself. And i changed the button. And that’s not bad. Lucky me.

Butterfly buttons.

My current reading now is The Accidental Billionaire, in order to compare it with the movie.


These pages were on my desk, i wanna make travel minibook, but i’m still looking for the photo bunches that i already print out and forgot where i put them, doh.


I visited the local traditional market and i found these beautiful fabrics, and i bought felt fabrics–wanna try something with felts and the bias tape (want to learn how to sew it).

And look at these beautiful ribbons, can’t wait to use them.


Happy weekend, all…