Finding Journal

This year almost ending, it’s time to looking for the right journal. I’ve been writing journal since i was in school. Elementary. And i still kept the years ago journals, even not every years.

Journalling is important for me, because i’m a forgetful people. I have to write down or i forget. In the morning, i have to schedulling what i’m gonna do, or i’ll pass the important task. I need journalling, to memorise the day, to feel the past day, the happiness or the sadness. And to remember the born or the death day.

When i was travelling, i need to write down my senses, like how it looked, how it tasted, how it smelled, so when i miss that place someday, i could open my journal and picked the right pages.

The journal book i pick is something simple–i once had a cartoon, illustrated planner, i had no idea what to write since it was too crowded–so i choose simple.

Here are the planner that i might be like

1. These simple yet beautiful journal from Sarah Pinto. You can find them through Etsy.

2. Colorful stripes from Oma Anna.

3. Who didn’t love Moleskine?

4. Ahh Kate Spade, always cheerful.

5. Batik Fabrics, couldn’t pick one. Click here

6. How simple is this. From Etsy.

7. Another colorful from Kate Spade.

8. Typewriter journal from Oma Anna too.

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