Movies: Due Date; Narnia and Next Three Days


Peter Highman (Downey Jr.), a serious Architect unluckily met these nasty guy Ethan Tremblay (Galifianakis) on the airport, in order to back hometown to meet his going-labor wife. His air journey was failed and he had to spent the couple days in the car with Tremblay and his dog. Tremblay, the actress wannabe, who wear red socks with his skinny jeans, not to forget, his fake perm, bring along his father ashes, always made trouble for Highman. And this journey was seriously funny and awful.

And Highman (Downey Jr. charming as always) was the white collar typical that being selfish and tricky, he tried to leave Trembley somewhere, but his humanity made he came back again to pick Trembley.

Zach Galifianakis as we saw in The Hangover was silly as always. I thought only he who really fit enough to play as Trembley.



The Pevencies siblings was back, now without Peter and Susan. Edmund and Lucy who stayed in their Uncle’s home, always get troubles with their cousin, Eustace. One day, they, included Eustace trapped in their room and the painting was turning a real live, so they were going across the seawater, then meet Caspian.

And they followed Caspian’s ship to fight with the huge monster, Sea Serpeant.

I saw this movie in 3D screen,  and felt little bit dizzy, i thought maybe this is because not full animation?

Good movie, lilke it so much. My son had the book series, had to read them someday.



John Brennan (Russell Crowe) was a teacher and a father, whose  wife being jailed for accusing murdered her boss. In next 72 hours, Lara Brennan will be transferred to another jail, he tried so hard to make his wife free, since she was a lifetime prisoner. The very nice man becoming a murder and a criminal. How he really loved his non-guilty wife.

Quite entertaining but i disappointed with the unfinished case.

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