The Social Network Movies

The Social Network

Facebook was a phenomenon. The founder becoming the youngest billionaires. He was at Harvard when he built this site–even though he didn’t finish his degree. Beside that, this movie showed us that friends could became enemy, with money as the issue. Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg) partnered with his pal, Eduardo Saverin who finance the project (Andrew Garfield–the upcoming Peter Parker–Spiderman). They built the site, that became huge, with the complaint from Winklevoss Twins–who felt it was their ideas that was stolen by Zuckerberg.

When Zuckerberg became success, he kind of left Saverin, and getting close with Sean Parker-Napster founder (Justin Timberlake). Saverin got very angry when he knew that Zuckerberg decreased his share in the company.

This movie based from The Accidental Billionaires book, by Ben Mezrich. Zuckerberg avoided to be interviewed for this book.




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