Book: Sunday’s at Tiffanys

I just finished Sunday’s at Tiffanys by James Patterson.  The book is about a child who had imaginary friend that become her real lover when she was grown up.  Jane Margeaux, a sweet child who always got her coffee ice cream sundae at St. Regis every week, taken by her iron-heart mom, Vivienne Margeaux, always companied by her imaginary friend, Michael. Then when she had 9th y.o. birthday, he left her, ‘cos that’s the time. Someday, when she grew up, she met him again, and the romance begin.

I like it first because of the title, the cover, then i read the sample downloaded from ibooks. I like the James Patterson writing style (this is my first book of him). And i like the setting, New York city.

And, the movie will coming soon. Can’t wait.


These stack of books beside my bed, for my current reading. Haven’t finished the Wimpy Kids and Palahniuk’s book. The easy and the hard one.


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