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February 16, 2011

I love this cold green noodle. It’s different sensation to satisfy the hunger. Served upon the bamboo tray plus some ice blocks. The Soba made from buckwheat and wheat flour, me like the green version (added the green tea leaves) , feel healthier. The good combination between the sauce (named soba tsuuyu) and wasabi (some people add scallions), really added the texture. My favourite is Chasoba from Midori, Jakarta. The portion is so right, not too full or less. Just right. And the tsuuyu just sweet enough.



Interior Website

February 9, 2011

Internet is really my biggest distraction. Indeed. I said to my husband that i don’t need a TV, i choose internet instead. When i work from home, like doing autocad or sketch up, i must sure that i turn off the connection. My fault too, i’m using rooter to connect me wherever at the corner in my house. If i didn’t turn it off, i will end up reading at the blogosphere. The longer  i sit in front of my laptop, the more i fall in love with the internet. I like to jump this website to another website ’till my Safari tab getting smaller size because so many sites to be opened. I love reading and staring the beautiful words and photos. I can get lot of ideas from here and now i don’t buy lot magazines lately, since i can get whole bunch of informations on the screen.

Nowadays, am falling in love peeking at :


They had beautiful interiors that really inspiring.

image courtesy of


Oh well, back to work now.

My New Yarn Winder

February 5, 2011

This is my new toy (not just for me, the kids like it too). The Yarn Winder. Windering the yarn into the ball never been so easy, actually it’s not easy as it look. We’re too excited to turn the handle so much and didn’t realize, the yarn got tangled beneath the handle. And took ages and sweat to get it through before we started to wind again.

The Winder


On going process

After. So neat.


DIY Notebook

February 3, 2011

I made a notebook from the used paper today.

Fold the papers in half


Mark the paper to make holes

Punch 2 holes

Find the pattern papers you like, then choose the brads button

I chose the polkadots motif for the cover and the stripes for the binders.

Set the brads into the holes

Press the sharp things

Closed the back of the brads with the binder paper

I used the pattern cellotape to protect the sharp edges

And your notebook is ready to go. It’s really cute for a gift.


Bandung Getaway 2

February 2, 2011

I always love taking the hotel room interior photos. I like to remember the memory to get back there again someday. Every rooms are different and unique.

I forgot to take the Lobby’s pic. It was awesome. This hotel was built in 2009, but the bad news is, its very near with the train station, so, little bit crowded at night.

Bandung Getaway 1

February 2, 2011

One of my husband’s auntie is passed away in Bandung City and we decided to stay over there. And after finished with the family visit, am looking for Tobucil Store. Look what i got.

Colorful cotton yarns

I like this sentences.

These sketches books. Handmade by designvitarlenology and omaanna. I can’t resist!!

Can’t wait to put my pen on.