Interior Website

Internet is really my biggest distraction. Indeed. I said to my husband that i don’t need a TV, i choose internet instead. When i work from home, like doing autocad or sketch up, i must sure that i turn off the connection. My fault too, i’m using rooter to connect me wherever at the corner in my house. If i didn’t turn it off, i will end up reading at the blogosphere. The longer  i sit in front of my laptop, the more i fall in love with the internet. I like to jump this website to another website ’till my Safari tab getting smaller size because so many sites to be opened. I love reading and staring the beautiful words and photos. I can get lot of ideas from here and now i don’t buy lot magazines lately, since i can get whole bunch of informations on the screen.

Nowadays, am falling in love peeking at :


They had beautiful interiors that really inspiring.

image courtesy of


Oh well, back to work now.

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