Solo City

Just arrived at home the night before from Singapore around 8pm, i have to packing again for tomorrow’s morning flight. Luckily our flight is on 9am, so we don’t have to wake up at 3am like last trip yesterday.

This journey is more like study tour form my oldest son, more playing time for my youngest son (because his friends’ also coming) and for the parents, like rest and napping in the room. The food here is cheap and delicious.

We arrived at Friday, then we ate Pecel Solo before we check-in to the Novotel Hotel. The rest day is relaxing in the room.

On Saturday, we have to wake up earlier because the students have to follow the Competition which around 30mins far from the hotel. After lunch and drive around the city, we picked up our son again then rest at the hotel, because they have train journey at nite. Again, me stayed at the hotel.

The last day, saturday, unfortunately we had 6pm schedule flight. So we check-out at 10am then we’re off to Yogyakarta. It took about 1hour between the city. We eat another Pecel in front of University of Gajah Mada. This must be the best pecel. Even my boys who didn’t like pecel, want more for second plate.

The place we stay

View from our window

Toiletteries, as usual

T Around the city

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