Achieving My Goal

I like to write. I like to write since i can write a letter. Writing make me being whatever i want beyond whatever timing. I write journals everyday since i was in school. Some of them are missing, but i still remembered how they look. Finding a new journal at the end of the year is like a mission for me. I keep looking and looking through the bookstores and hobby stores just to make sure i didn’t regret with my choice. Because, wrong journal will affected to my everyday writing. 

When i was in elementary school, i met my BFF that has same hobby. Writing. We wrote and exchange the paper. I still kept the sheets (being torn from our books). That was making our friendship meaningful, and seriously, her story and handwriting was gorgeous (hey, we didn’t use computer that day).

Early this month, according to Nanowrimo event, (a challenging month for a writer or who wanna become a novelist, to write about 50,000 word in the end of the month), my BFF then text me for a writing project. Far for 50,000, we should complete one writing in 700 words a week for this month. Wow, I was so exciting with this project. It will enhance me to write. As we know, lack of discipline in our main obstacle. We have to make writing as a daily job. I always looking for the same place and same time, and it is not easy. I was ready for 4 different topics, however, the writing time is not easy to get.

I already late 3 days for the 1st week, and this day, when i was in the high mood to typing, when i want to post some photos, the draft was gone. I wanna scream!!!  This wordpress blog was updated couple times since my last posting (hmm…it was year 2011) then to submit our project, i put it on my own blog. 

Ok, hopefully i can continue to the end of this month, then can’t wait for another project!!.


1st week

Instagram is a free photo-sharing program and social network that was launched in October 2010. The service enables users to take a photo, apply a digital filter to it, and then share it with other Instagram users they are connected to on the social network as well as on a variety of social networking services. (according to 

Photography is one of my hobbies. I didn’t take it professionally, but I like to capture whatever object that I found interesting. I don’t take picture of the people or human being. I prefer for the still object, and I like to title them in my own way. I didn’t took course, and yes, I have SLR Camera which makes gorgeous outcome even I am an amateur. I have the pocket digital camera that I took it whenever and wherever I go, but thanks to my cellular phone that has camera on it. Even not the latest or biggest pixel it had, I love taking picture with my cellular.

Moreover, there are Instagram application that coming to make everybody who didn’t have a skill can make their photos more beautiful. Then share it. For the first time, I wasn’t a fan of Instagram, because i prefer untouched picture, but nowadays, my hand got itchy if I didn’t check my instagram feed. Yeah..this is one of the reason, i am too lazy to start writing. Instead of open the evernote or the microsoft word, or grab some notebooks, i just grab my ipod and checking my instagram  feed. 


Not just for me capturing object, but looking at people’s feed are really inspiring. There are lot of beautiful pictures, places and object that we didn’t even know there are exist.  Yes, sometimes people did the ugly pictures-taken too, but the good quality was still the winner.


Like another social network, we can follow other people’s account, can give the comment, hit the like button to our followers/following and vice-versa. We can see updates from Paris Fashion Week to NYC Hurricane Sandy in a minute time.  I follow In Style account for looking latest collection. I peek into the Décorame section to find interior inspiration.  Or visiting my favaourite daily-read blog, to see their daily life. Make me feel closer to them even they didn’t know me.


If you like photography, capture them, put a filter or more (they had 14 filter to be chosen-and confusing—in a good way, because sometimes they’re all looking good) than share it.  However, if you just like to looking good picture,  just make an account and start to looking for our own interest. There also challenging project like #daily photo, which you should submit everyday photo with #daily photo hashtag on it. Your eyes will be pleasured. Trust me.


Notes: i put some of my photos here, but the wordpress is not friendly with me yet, so sorry…i can’t posting photo here. Got to learn this new template soon.

Latest notes: my BFF was texted me to give us a new challenge, to write a blog together. Can’t wait!!









One Response to “Achieving My Goal”

  1. SparklingRain Says:

    How true, even before we had our first computers, we wrote longhand enthusiastically, diligently, sometimes for hours…where have the passion and enthusiasm gone? 😦

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