30 Days Challenge


One day, i heard Matt Cuffs talking at the Ted show about Trying Something New for 30-days (you have to check the Ted.com, it had tons of talkshow that really inspiring). He said that he was bored and need something to uplift his days. Then he went to bike to work for 30 days. And the result is amazing. 


The 30-days challenge means we have to do something routine in a month. We have to stick it until 30 days. It sounds easy peasy. On the other hand, discipline to do something everyday means boredom. Cuffs told his story about joining Nanowrimo. He tried to finish almost 50,000 words in a month, meaning 1,600 words per day. He absolutely facing the sleep deprivation, he would not go to sleep until he typed 1,600 words. It was uneasy tasks. He admitted that his novel was awful rather than awesome, however, he satisfied. As we can hear from his talked, Cuffs tried different challenges. I bet he did it monthly. He climbed Kilimanjaro Mountain  last year, he rode a bike to work, he did not take sugar or not watching the television. Being challenger, you just did not try the new activity, the challenge can also decrease, increase or diminish our habit. Less/no television, less/no internet, eat more vegetables. The main goals here, we followed the process from day 1 to day 30 and reaching the finished line. Like a marathon runner.


He said that after we done with the 30 days, it build our self confidence. It gives us motivation that ‘we had a goal, and we can accomplish it’. At least, we had topic to discuss for with our colleagues.


The main goal in 30 days challenge is how we make the process continue. For day 1 until 5 maybe we still in high spirit. Going day 7, usually our body was felt ‘yeay” to ‘yeah’. Do not forget to mention “i was so busy yesterday that I could not have time to sit in front of my laptop and writing the 1,600 words’. There were always excuse we can made. Thus, we failed for our target.


One of my favorite blogger, Elise Blaha (www.eliseblaha.typepad.com) just posting about this topic. Last year, she accomplished her 30 days challenge, by running a mile a day.  She said that it did not make her skinny or muscular, but she had this feeling that her goal is achieved. This year, start November 22th, she asked her readers to join another 30 days challenge with same activity, and posting everyday photo via Instagram, with #mileaday hashtags. 


I might be trying to follow her. Well i really like to writing 60,000 novel in a month, but i have not ready yet. So i think running a mile a day, is a good start. In case i am too exhausted to run, i will set my treadmill to walking speed, although it will make longer time than running.


I have tried the daily photo challenge. I follow the #dailyphoto hashtags, took picture everyday with different topics made by @fatmumslim, you can check her blog: http://www.fatmumslim.com.au. She challenged her follower to posting the photo and tagged into social medias, like twitter, instagram, tumblr, flickr, facebook and else. She gave us a list for a month, then she’ll renew her list with another 300days topic. Like from this November, day 1: something begin with C; day 2: color; day 20: work/play and so on. It was really fun. It make us to be more creative and looking at the different kind of view. Well, i only achieved in a month, and i did not continue.


Some people said, we have to share our goal to our friend, or family, or partner. It will motivate us being walking into finished line. But Derek Shivers (i also listen him at Teds.com) that keep our goals to ourself is better than sharing it. Because talking to others make it less motivation, and will the challenge more become failure. So better silent and keep doing. 


While i was writing this post, my mind keep busy, what will i take for 30-days challenge. What is something that i wanna do in my life? How about you??

One Response to “30 Days Challenge”

  1. SparklingRain Says:

    In March-April this year, I promised myself to write a blog post everyday, for 31 days straight. Turned out I cheated, some days I’d write 2 posts, other days I didn’t write at all. Some days I was just so uninspired and the idea of writing freaked me out: I couldn’t bear the thought of writing something I’d hate later on.
    But I kept writing..because I already mentioned in the blog that I’d write everyday for 31 days. (Nobody reads my blog but still..it was embarrassing if I didn’t keep the promise to myself).

    Surprise surprise: turned out I like all my posts (hee heee) even the ones I wrote while gritting my teeth because I’d rather lie on the sofa watching bad TV.


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