9 days before 2013

OK, now I have to stick to my goals. 8 postings in two weeks before New Year.  Tick-tock-tick-tock, time flies and I still haven’t type any letters. ANY. How about the ideas? NOPE. AT ALL. Too bad for me. And….. last week I got bad flu. What I mean bad is, I couldn’t get up from bed. I stayed in my kids room while they were sleeping in my bed. Yeah..i was on quarantine. I didn’t want to giveaway my flu then my boys (that’s including the BIG boy, my husband) will caught the disease.

I didn’t take a shower for couple days. I couldn’t eat.  I couldn’t taste anything, even my coffee L.  My head were spinning all around whilst somebody knock me off with the hammer. Hyperbolic, no? To make it sound better, I’ve got my period, this mean, I had to go to the bathroom every 4 hours to change my sanitary pad.  When I felt like I AM BETTER, I hit the treadmill, remember my #mileaday in 30 days? Then i collapsed the day after. More over, another day I felt better? I went to hair salon, got my hair shampooed because my last washing was 3 days before after running.  And the hot water in the salon was empty. I really wanna shout while I typing this. Because, cold water in your head when you had a headache is SUCKS!!! My fingers nailed into my thighs just to stop the goddamn feeling that rhythm in my head, bang-bang-bang-bang.


I don’t like to go to the doctor. I just take some medicines that I think good enough to make me healthy.  I just don’t know the limit when I shall go to the doctor.  When I feel I still can hold on to it, I would rather go to the doctor. When my first son around 3 months, I got  high fever for a couple days. But I kept drank lot of water and breastfeeding my son. The headache was unbelievable. There was time when I was collapsed while breastfeeding in my bed.  Then my husband took me to the doctor. The doctor said I got Demam Berdarah. Lucky me, I already pass the crisis time in my home. But I had to stay at the hospital for recovery.


Okay. Stop suffering. Enjoying instead. Now with one week left, it means one posting per day. Am gonna make a coffee now, see you tomorrow…


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