8 days before 2013

My Latest Book (1)

Recently, I’ve been reading quite a lot of books. I read couple books in a time, just to shoo the boredom. Soft cover books are always my favorite. The easy-to-grab size, the lightweight, and the smell (and don’t forget the gorgeous cover) never failed me to pick them up from the bookstores. But lately, I’m looking for the e-book. Not because they substitute the printed edition, but I found the gadget is easier to reach around me. Meanwhile, I usually put the pocket books in my bag so I can carry around and read it while I’m waiting, but sometimes I forget to put it back after nighttime reading in my bed, then regret it so much while have to queue somewhere. So, I store some reading materials in my ipod. Yes, I forgot the ipod too sometimes, or I brought book and ipod too, trust me, waiting while doing nothing is sucks.

I wanna share my recently added collection to my ibook library. My digital books came from the ibookstore, kindle or nook (rarely), I usually by the limited-time offer book, so the prices range 0.99-3.99USD. Good deal. Or am looking for the free e-book. Because, to buy like 12.99USD bestseller book in digital, I prefer holding big fat printed book rather than my eeny meeny tiny ipod.

Here is my list. I didn’t put it in an order. I just type the titles that first came in my mind.
1. The Fifty Shades Trilogy (The Fifty Shades of Grey, The Fifty Shades of Darker, The Fifty Shades Freed) by EL James

Almost from trilogy or tetralogy that I read, the first one always caught me more.  I always believe in first impression. The first book make me melting by Christian Grey appearance. Handsome, rich, single, and crazy about you. What do we need more? For me, this book is like Twilight, in adult edition, minus the immortality of vampires and wolves. I really have no idea why this book made it as a no 1 in NYTimes. It must be categorized as erotica or adult books. But since I am an adult, I don’t mind to re-read the first book.

    2. Time Keeper by Mitch Albom

I always love his writing. He wrote so simple but meaningful. And always make me think afterward. How to facing our life in a limited time. What will you do if death is in front of you. But this book is not my favourite amongst the others. Hmm.. makes me want to go to my bookshelf and found the other Albom books. Will do tomorrow.

    3. Beach House by James Patterson.– (Not Read Yet)

Published in 2002, I wanna read this book because recommended by my friend that another fans of Patterson. She read more Patterson books than me, so I agreed to download this.

    4. Thanks For the Memories by Cecilia Aherns– (Am Reading)

5. Bared To You by Sylvia Day.

This must be another erotica trilogy. But I don’t like even though I still want to read the second and third. I don’t like the character, male or female, I don’t know if  Sylvia Day made this story before or after (Fifty Shades came earlier) the EL James,  but you’ll feel the similarities. Except the female role.

    6. Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov

Besides fictions, I like to read non-fiction too. They rich, spoil and shower me with knowledge, Whatever it is, Art, Science, Craft, Management, Economy. I love them all except Politics. Nope, thank you. Just start reading, so no opinion here now.

Just Download

    7. Holiday on Ice  by David Sedaris (actually, his title made me pick this)

8. The Perks of Being Wallflowers by Stephen Chobsky  (curious because there are already in a movie)

Well, that’s all about my recently added book in my gadget. I didn’t put all the list here because,  I still have lot books that I haven’t read. For tomorrow posting, I will share my latest printed books that I bought and read in a last month.


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