7 days before 2013

Now I like to share my printed book that I added to my bookshelf recently.

Chicken Plums by Marjane Satrapi

I didn’t read comics. Because I feel like I can’t enjoy  graphic and writing together. Usually, I read first to the end of the book, then flip back again in the beginning to enjoy the drawing. That’s how I reading comics. The Chicken Plums is the latest graphic novel by Satrapi, after the well-known Persepolis and Embroideries. Have you read Embroideries? It will make you laugh. LOL. I like Satrapi. She was Iranian writer that talk about woman in her country. We all know how women position in Middle East Countries. Not in very lucky situation. But Satrapi can make the reader smile even though we know in reality it hurts  a lot. I highly recommended her books.

Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman by Haruki Murakami

I bought Norwegian Wood by Murakami couple years ago but I haven’t read it. Then I read the sample of IQ84 and kind of little bit interesting to buy it later. But when I saw one of the local runner said, that her motivation to run is from Murakami’s book-he is a writer plus a marathon runner-What I talk about running when I talk about running, I bought the book. I like it. Even it wasn’t quick reading (it’s not a thick book though), but I really like to feel his words.

Finished the running book, I read Norwegian Wood. But still not interested yet. So when I went to Aksara, found the short stories (I like short stories and always looking the short stories book  from different well-known authors) from Murakami, I grab it fast.

Still reading for the third title.

Oh I forgot. I still have one e-book that I wanna share. The Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. This book is awesome. About a man who looking for his missing wife. The marriage really can make people changed. Being a killer or being a victim. I like the way Flynn describe the character. Just be careful, marriage can be a trap for everybody.


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