5 days before 2013


I had a meeting today with my client.  Me, as a house contractor here, will be acquainted with his architect. He’s one of the well-known architect in the city.

Before I meet, I was browsing his work (thanks to mr. google) and of course his face. Then I knew from the Facebook that he was one of my friends’ husband, and our kids went to the same school.

In a last couple month, my company was running by me, alone. My partners was on chemotherapy treatment due to her ovarium cancer, I felt like walking in one leg. Because we’re a team, we’ll do every step and direction together. Not that I couldn’t  ask her for suggestion or advise, but there’s a weak week, after the chemo injection, that make my friend uninterrupted.  I hope she can survive through her difficult time and I know It wasn’t easy. Now she’s already halfway in the 8 package chemo shooting. She’s be healthy soon.

Let’s go back to the meeting today. My schedule was on 10.00 at Mega Kuningan, which is around 40 minutes from my place. Thus I went off at 9.00. Fortunately, this week is the last week in 2012, so the city is being nice. There’s no traffic jam at all.

So I arrived at the building at 9.20. Whoa..that’s a record.

I wait in the car until 5 to 10am.  I was waiting for this meeting from one month ago. I want to meet him personally as I’m curious with this famous one. Of course I got nervous. Last month I searched about latest architecture information, thus I didn’t feel dumb if I met him. But I realize, we have to be our self. It is OK to enrichment with news and knowledge, but if I didn’t show my own personality, all the things that I learned before will became even dumber.

My client was a partner in one of the Law Consultant. I like the interior of this Law Firm office.. It was cold receptionist (was she  was in bad mood or attempted to be heartless woman?) I waited at the one of two black Barcelona chairs. The reception  area itself is in the main center of the office. Beside the receptionist, there was huge glass partition that show us the library inside. Parquets floors,  full-height-full-big-fat-books shelves on the right and left side. Adjacent to the glass partition,  there’s a big window with a sunlight, that really make the library so gorgeous. I was impressed.  The meeting room just as common meeting, the bonus is they got espresso machine inside.

My first impression with this Mr. Architect, is so-so. I mean, he’s not scary as I imagined. He asked for my business card, but when I asked him, he didn’t have it. Well, looks like famous people didn’t need to bring business card anymore, yes?

The meeting itself was OK. I mean, the client  asked me to build the house that Mr. Architect produced. So I will coordinate later with Mr. Architect, which well-known as a very detail person.  Hopefully he’s become nicer than our first meeting.

On my way to back home, my friend texted me and she invited us to have lunch in her house. And why was so special about this lunch? Because, she just came from Solo City and she brought the famous Gudeg Ceker (Chicken Feet). Of course i wouldn’t miss the offer. Whenever i visited Solo, i haven’t got a chance to try this food. Because, the stall opens in the midnight and around 5am in the morning, the chicken feet were all gone. For the info, they are using 100kgs chicken feet everynight!!!

Thank God, my day for today is going very well.



And now, i am typing while my tummy is starving for chicken feet.









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