2 days before 2013

It’s time for 2013 resolution.

Looking back for my 2012 resolution, this upcoming resolution seems nothing change a lot.

Early this year, i wrote down in my journal that:

  • i will more religious
  • i will do craft and DIY projects
  • i will take a lots of pictures
  • i will writing blog again
  • i will running and more exercise
  • i will skinnier

Yes, that’s all.

More Religious. This is hard to explain. I think my praying is not getting more or getting better from 2011. Maybe because in 2011 i got quite serious problems, so i love talking to our God. But as a human, as my problems decreased, then my prayer getting less hard. Actually, i didn’t like this happened with me. Because, getting religious is really important for me. And i have to put this number 1 list again in my 2013 resolution. And i do have to work it out.

Do Craft and DIY Projects. I like to learn something new and sewing is my favourite new thing. I learned by myself through internet and books. I bought Japanese Sewing Pattern book that is easy to follow even though i don’t understand the language. Of course there was trial and error. There was a problem that i put the back pocket in the front of the pants just because i couldn’t see the different direction between front and back. I did sewing for some give away for the baby shower (nothing more special than personal name on the new bath towel!!)

Take Pictures. Am getting attached with Instagram and falling in love with the result. I rarely use my SLR Camera, because of the size.

Writing. I tried to writing more. In the last quarter of the year, well little bit too late, i wrote some unfinished stories, or poems. Just keep writing and i will make it as a habit. Hopefully more writing for next year.

Running. Yes. I did it. Now i can run longer than before. I can manage my breath. I quitted gym last year because i felt that i was heavier than usual..haha… But working out is really important. So i exercise in my home. It boost my energy. I became more active and creative. Besides cardio, i follow the Nike Training Centre, the application that I downloaded from Apple appstore. The NTC help us to give everyday exercise, depends on our need.  Whether 2 days, 4 days or everyday in a week. I also watching the working out from Youtube. I also tried Hot Yoga. This is something new. We do Yoga sequences in 42 degree celcius room. My next target is doing Pilates next year.

Getting Skinnier. Last two weeks i got really bad flu and cough. I  lost my appetite since all of food i ate, became bitter. Then I lost my body weight. But my appetite is coming, and i ate a lot this week. A lot meant i gain my weight about 2kilos in the end of the year. Yikes. I have a target that my weight is no more than 50 kgs, but when i was going on my scale just before i wrote this post, the line is stopped at 50kilos. Ouch..warning alert.

That’s my conclusion for my this resolution. Tomorrow, I will post my next year goal. I think it’s not too different from list above. I will add some more to be more specific, maybe, like getting 45kilos on weight?? Haha..it’s too hard to realize.

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