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I Missed Her

April 17, 2014

Oh my…. i even forget when was the last time i visit this blog. And writing on it. But, i still writing…yeahhh a little. And not here. Where am I lately. Hm, i am not so good in remembering. What i did yesterday, sometime i didn’t remember, that’s why i have to keep journal on my bedside table just to write down what did i do on that day so i can remember on the day after. Two major things that happened on me lately. The first one is when me and my husband went to Mecca for the pilgrimage. In October last year. The second one is when my BFF, my partner, was passed away two months ago because of cancer. I did write about her two years ago. Luckily, we had a chance to go to Mecca together even not in the same travel agent. I visited her tent when we were on Padang Arafah. We were hugging and crying. Coming back, her condition was getting worse. She never went out from home again. She was a strong woman. She never complain about her sickness. I could see her smiling in the last time i saw her. Am sure she’s smiling now from above. 

I still missed her.