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Book: Sunday’s at Tiffanys

January 23, 2011

I just finished Sunday’s at Tiffanys by James Patterson.  The book is about a child who had imaginary friend that become her real lover when she was grown up.  Jane Margeaux, a sweet child who always got her coffee ice cream sundae at St. Regis every week, taken by her iron-heart mom, Vivienne Margeaux, always companied by her imaginary friend, Michael. Then when she had 9th y.o. birthday, he left her, ‘cos that’s the time. Someday, when she grew up, she met him again, and the romance begin.

I like it first because of the title, the cover, then i read the sample downloaded from ibooks. I like the James Patterson writing style (this is my first book of him). And i like the setting, New York city.

And, the movie will coming soon. Can’t wait.


These stack of books beside my bed, for my current reading. Haven’t finished the Wimpy Kids and Palahniuk’s book. The easy and the hard one.


Finding Journal

December 19, 2010

This year almost ending, it’s time to looking for the right journal. I’ve been writing journal since i was in school. Elementary. And i still kept the years ago journals, even not every years.

Journalling is important for me, because i’m a forgetful people. I have to write down or i forget. In the morning, i have to schedulling what i’m gonna do, or i’ll pass the important task. I need journalling, to memorise the day, to feel the past day, the happiness or the sadness. And to remember the born or the death day.

When i was travelling, i need to write down my senses, like how it looked, how it tasted, how it smelled, so when i miss that place someday, i could open my journal and picked the right pages.

The journal book i pick is something simple–i once had a cartoon, illustrated planner, i had no idea what to write since it was too crowded–so i choose simple.

Here are the planner that i might be like

1. These simple yet beautiful journal from Sarah Pinto. You can find them through Etsy.

2. Colorful stripes from Oma Anna.

3. Who didn’t love Moleskine?

4. Ahh Kate Spade, always cheerful.

5. Batik Fabrics, couldn’t pick one. Click here

6. How simple is this. From Etsy.

7. Another colorful from Kate Spade.

8. Typewriter journal from Oma Anna too.

Making of Moleskine Extra Small Planners – Moleskine ® English

December 19, 2010

This is too cute. Please see.

Making of Moleskine Extra Small Planners – Moleskine ® English.

Updating my absence

December 18, 2010

So long i didn’t posting. I still figure out, why i can’t redirect this blog address with the domain name i already bought.

Lately, i found my husband’s old shirt and i tried to alter it into my boys size. The hardest part was doing the yoke. I didn’t have experience for this. After finished, i put it into my son, sadly, it was too small for him, especially the body size, so i tried it on and got the idea. i preferred to wear it for myself. And i changed the button. And that’s not bad. Lucky me.

Butterfly buttons.

My current reading now is The Accidental Billionaire, in order to compare it with the movie.


These pages were on my desk, i wanna make travel minibook, but i’m still looking for the photo bunches that i already print out and forgot where i put them, doh.


I visited the local traditional market and i found these beautiful fabrics, and i bought felt fabrics–wanna try something with felts and the bias tape (want to learn how to sew it).

And look at these beautiful ribbons, can’t wait to use them.


Happy weekend, all…

New Books

October 24, 2010

This is my new books lately. First is And Thereby Hangs a Tale, I never read Jeffrey Archer‘s books, but when i got sample preview from ibooks, the first story from 15 stories in the book, i like it. It’s such a long time i didn’t read this genre. So i was looking for the pocket book. Little bit hard because most of the bookstore here had the hardcover edition, which i really not a big fan of that heavy books. I’m gonna read another book by him later.

The other book is Guernsey Literary and the Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows, which my sis had been recommended from last year, and i still distracted with the others book. I’ll write a review later.

Magazine Piles

October 8, 2010

I love magazines. There’s magazine piles here and there in my house. And i rarely throw them out because i like to re-read again.

But since i got hook with internet, i decreased my magazine shopping.


Yesterday i went to Indonesian Bookfair, and i found the latest Martha Stewart Living magazine in a disc. price, so i took it and you know what, they gimme the gift that consisted of the last month Martha Stewart Magazine (which they had on selling display as well) and last month More Magazine (never read it–and also they had on selling display also) and a mouse pad and a pen. Am i lucky or what?? I got 3 recent magazines in one price.

I wish I could live in a bookstore

September 29, 2010

I wish I could live in a bookstore. For me, going to bookstore is like children get lost in the candyshop or toyshop. It really makes me happy, make me thrill. Books always amuse me. I could stay hour and hour just to browse the title and smell the book and feel the atmosphere. The coffee shop nearby is a +. My love for the book had been rise since I was a child. My father is the 1st person that taught me to read, he let me read even I hadn’t go to school yet, he always took me to bookstores. He introduced me how to involve with books. Still in my mind, Pippi the Longstocking by Astrid Lundgren, Little Prairie by Laura Ingalls, not to forget Alfred Hitchcock, Enyd Bliton, and getting more I like Agatha Christie, Sydney Sheldon and i spread my read list with non fiction. Not really big fan of comics,  found it was too quick to read. I really enjoy the pages after pages thus I like words rather than comics. That’s why I prefer to go to bookstore rather than music store.

I still had my old book collection. But now I tried to collect my childhood again. Mostly, they had reprinted and retranslate.

I introduce my reading habit to my sons.  They like to read superheroes things, that contrary with me, but I tried to read and listen to them. I read books before they sleep. Their faves is Franklin the Turtle. It has beautiful pictures. I think, for my eldest, it’s too childish, but he likes it, and that’s the one way to keep me bonding with them.

Well, too bad, we don’t have appropriate library here. Books are expensive, and we just cannot afford them all, so we need good libraries to make people like to read. I envy the private library that had such a wonderful collection.  But they didn’t  open for public.

In my city, we have quite good bookstores. Kinokuniya is the best and have the most complete collection. However, they rarely give us special prices.  Periplus and Times are having comfortable atmosphere.  For local books, Gramedia is the best. Now they have imported section books. And I found Martine books here.

Fasting Day 29: Kids Story Books

September 7, 2010

When i was kid, i was a big fans of Martine–beautiful and educated books by Gilbert Delahaye and Marcel Marlier (It’s Tina in Indonesian). They really had beautiful pictures  that i never get bored to looking at. Due to my grown up ages, the books were lost. I didn’t have any. Then someday i found at one of blogger that fans of Martine too. I remembered again and she said that i can get the second book at the market. Marcel Marlier even had the flicker group.

Today visiting to bookstore didn’t really interest me, because i’m still reading The Help and didn’t plan to buy the new one, so i sat at the children books area to find something to my niece…and i found Martine. Ahhh…my memory is come back. I bought 2 in english edition and two more books in Indonesian. Actually the Indonesian edition is a sticker book that consists of Martine pictures. Didn’t have the story. But i still enjoyed the pictures…and still looking for Martine and the flower party.

Since i didn’t have daughter, these books really show the girly side of me. I have to browsing more in this section area.

Last Song: Book and Movie

August 1, 2010

I just read Last Song by Nicholas Sparks and now am watching it. Really not fans of Miley Cyrus. Why not someone else??? Anyway, the story is so predictable and common. Not too bad enjoying with Haagen Dazs Chocolate Choc Chip.

Being busy lately, attending our cousin’s wedding ceremony and reception, which took full day. The days moving so fast, i can’t even remember what did i do last week.

So, movie and ice cream is the perfect way to ended this weekend.

The Zahir by Paulo Coelho

July 20, 2010

I like this book because it told us the story about a succesful writer (from songwriter to novelist) whose left by his wife. And the journey to find his soulmate was unpredictable. He tried to interpret the love that his wife mentioned to him. He tried to answer the question, why she left us.

Well, you’ll dissapointed with the ending, but Coelho always change our view in something usual into unusual.

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My current reading is Last Song by Nicholas Sparks.