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Baby Gift Set

August 8, 2010

A blanket, a hat and mary jane booties.

Off to go.


Start Again

June 18, 2010

Due to my absence, today i start crochet again, yeay…

Actually, this is my friend’s order for her sissy. From six kind of blankets i showed her, she chose the ripple one, actually i kindly bored with ripple. I thought it was old fashioned, even very easy to make.

I luv you..

February 12, 2010

I luv you, blankie…unfortunately you’re not mine.

The blanket above is my friend’s. She had then-mother-in-law who died ‘cos of cancer.  She left my friend, this beautiful color squares that she hadn’t finished yet. But my friend gave up to join the squares. So, here’s my part. Plus the simple border. Yes, i did mine two years ago, and i still love it till now.

New Bag

January 31, 2010

Just finished this new bag. Pattern from Ravelry. Yarns came from Bernat and  Red Heart. Had to put lining inside, but that’s my weakness, too lazy to make a lining….

My Crochet Tools

January 17, 2010

This is my best crochet tools ever. I knew it from my mentor, Mrs. E, that if you use Clover, you won’t get stiff fingers. And yes. It works. I crochet all day and my fingers just stay in the big grip. Look closer, they have beautiful, rounded, smooth hooks. I bought as a set. Consists of 8 various size needles. From size C (2.5mm) to J (6.00mm). Their prices is quite expensive but really worth it. And they came in beautiful tapestry case. Vintage, huh.

I do have bigger needles, size K, (6.5mm) called The Crochet Lite and funny is, it has light on it. So I can crochet while my hubby sleeping and turn off the light. You can see that i put it in my Clover case. That is. Unfortunately it was broken, so i had to put tape around it, so bye-bye the light.

Am not fans of small needles. I bought it from local brand, Tulip. But I rarely use it. Clover has this small size as well, of course with their famous big grip. I haven’t buy it yet ‘cos I don’t need it. I put it in my Clover case too.

And i adore this Clover Reflections Hook Set. Look younger and more fun, and you can take it while you are in flight ‘cos they’re made from plastic. But haven’t find it yet. Aren’t they beautiful??

Welcoming…Mr. Robot

January 17, 2010

Another day staying @ home. What a lazy Sunday. Finished this bib.

Hello, Mr. Owl

January 16, 2010

Just make it  for fun. Will make some more.


January 14, 2010

I love to make scarves. Easy, quick and worth to be given.

Here’s the scarves that I made recently:

I finished it in one-day, easy n quick. Pattern from “One Skein” book. Yarn from Red Heart.

Yay, the first knitting scarf that i made. Needs about 3 weeks (the pattern said ‘it was super quick’). Realise that knitting is more complicated and more challenged. Yarns from plus instructions from posting at And the yarn is from Red Heart too.

And, i had posting this scarf last year, but i hadn’t give edging on it. I liked it better with the border. But  I already gave it to my friend.

All of them are for gifts. My friend’s. I think that’s personal message for your friend that you care and love them. Something that handmade by you.


January 7, 2010

Heavy raining outside, home-made hot chocolate and scarf knitting. Need to say more?

Just bought Martha Stewart Living Magazine (my 1st time), and found this hot-choc recipe. I didn’t make for this 12 servings, just need 2 cups for kiddos.


2 cups whole milk

1tbsp light-brown sugar

1/2 cup dark chocolate, coarsely chopped

Grated nutmeg (i didn’t use it, ‘cos i didn’t know what kind of taste mixing nutmeg with choc)

Warm milk in a large saucepan over medium-low heat. Add sugar and whisk. Add chocolate and whisk ’till melted. Heat for 5 minutes more. Topped with whipped cream.


December 9, 2009

This blanket just finished today, had to wash it before give it to my friend’s baby. Hope my friend like it. Well even not for her babies, her daughter may wear it in the rainy days.