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Bag Pouch

July 14, 2011

For my friend’s birthday, i bought her a present that didn’t come with the plastic or something to cover. So i made this bag pouch that double function as a gift wrapper and  tote bag itself. I made it reversible so she can wear it whatever color she moods in. Luckily i had the fabric color that match with the gift.



Sewing Dress

July 12, 2011

This is my first sewing project. I follow the shape of my fave dress to make patterns, and voila, it was quite success. Blogland make me try something creative. And i love handmade.

I did quilting

July 11, 2011

This is what i make for my 1st quilt project. Actually i’m not so fans of quilting. Since i put some quilting blogs in my google reader, it made me curious, to do that, even only once. I saw the mug rug project, which is fun and quick, but i did little bit bigger than mug rug. I made it in placemat size. I know i wouldn’t make placemat, 4-6 repitition items? come on…. not now. Well, i wear it for my praying mat.





i picked some of my batik fabrics (from amesh),  then did the simple and easy pattern. Quilting was fun, but binding, was another story, quite frustrating, especially in the corner section, even i already watched binding instruction from youtube. Oww.. and i liked the backside.

Placemat for lunch

April 19, 2011

My recent project. Easy, simple, and useful. As a placemat and utensils keeper. Roll them up, and ready for school.

Sewing: CD Case

April 10, 2011

Wow… my craft’s mind really jiggling up, i made two things in a row. I just made CD Cover, pattern from One Yard Wonder book. As usual, i can’t see the blank thing, so i put my crochets.

Sewing Book Cover

April 9, 2011

I had these book that i need to cover it. I don’t like the old cover, made from bulky pink+purple fake lather. Yiekkkss, not to mention that i didn’t like those colors, I did, but the combo was really big-no-no.

So i made my version. This is my first time sewing with bias tape. I must admit, it’s difficult. Really difficult. But i loved the result.

Napkins with Ribbons

December 22, 2010

These plain napkins, i couldn’t resist to NOT sewing some colors for them.

Reversible Cape or Cowl

December 19, 2010

I visited, and found the tutorial for the cape here. So simple and easy. She’s so inspiring and creative, and she even appears in the today.  I made this from my latest fabrics. I’ll make some more. Thank you, Lia.


Apron Time

October 12, 2010

I like to buy some dishcloths than make them into something rather than using them to my plate. I like the texture, and the motif is really cute. Here are the aprons that i made from dishcloth. I took the pattern from “One-Yard Wonders“, this is the first project i made from this book.


Fasting Day 27: New Cushion

September 6, 2010

My cushions need something new, i remembered still had batik fabric from Amesh that i really love the color. So i made this 2 different model. I use polkadots pattern to mix n match. This is new for me, and so easy to make. However, i couldn’t sew the zipper yet, so i chose button instead.