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February 16, 2011

I love this cold green noodle. It’s different sensation to satisfy the hunger. Served upon the bamboo tray plus some ice blocks. The Soba made from buckwheat and wheat flour, me like the green version (added the green tea leaves) , feel healthier. The good combination between the sauce (named soba tsuuyu) and wasabi (some people add scallions), really added the texture. My favourite is Chasoba from Midori, Jakarta. The portion is so right, not too full or less. Just right. And the tsuuyu just sweet enough.



Parmesan Flat Bread

November 15, 2010

The first i saw the picture and recipe of Herbed Flat Bread from Martha Stewart Living Mag, here, couple months ago, i really wanna make it soooo badly. Instead of sprinkled with herb and salt, i choose parmesan cheese. So it called Parmesan Flat Bread then.

However, the dough too salty for me, (2 teaspoons) i’ll reduce it to 1 tsp later.

another variation from the dough, i shaped them in round circle, then put my garlic spread inside, rolled them till it covered, then brushed them with egg-wash (1 large egg + 1 tbsp water).

Ice Chocolate from Max Brenner

November 15, 2010

This was  gifts  from someone who knew that i loooove chocolate and brought me this Max Brenner chocolate mix. I tried the mix and IT IS REALLY GOOD……..TOO GOOD (i hadn’t try the milkshake yet). The nearest Max Brenner place is at Singapore. They have 2 locations, at the Esplanade and Vivo City.

Oooooppsss…i forgot to take picture of my ice chocolate…it finished so quick.


Potato Gratin

October 4, 2010

My curiosity of foods’ taste make me want to try cooking it. Or the pictures of them. Delicious enough that i wanna try it. This Potato Gratin from Martha Stewart Living (found here), make me want to scoop it out and try the creamy potato. Here’s for our dinner.

Date Night: Korean Food

September 28, 2010

i rarely posting about where i ate for dinner, but today, we had accidentally (because kiddos didn’t want to follow us) date night for Korean food. And this food had been on my mind since couple months ago.

I love the sweet taste of their sauce, i love the spiciness, and i love the appetizers.

Usually the banchan (side dish) comes as appetizer in a variety small bowls. Either green salad, crispy sweet potato, steam broccoli, kimchi, seasoned clams, and many more.  Seriously, we already full enough with Banchan itself.

We ordered Bulkalbi, marinated beef ribs and grilled in front of us. We dipped into sweet sauce, or we can put them into lettuce together with chili and grilled garlic. And also our favourites: Ojingo-bokum–spicy stir fried squids and vegetables– and Jap Chae–cellophane noddles, stir fried with vegetables and mushroom.

I adores Bibimbap–rice dish along with vegetable, meat, eggs-all in one bowl. But one bowl is super big for me, and hubby didn’t wanna eat rice, so i skipped Bibimbap. Maybe later.

Ojingo-bokum with banchan

1st Homemade Bread

September 18, 2010

I never made a bread before. But i really try it because i want to know how the process. I curious ’bout the doubled size of the dough while we left it for 1-2 hours. I want to try how to knead. So i googled for Easy Bread Recipe, found here and luckily i had all the ingredients needed.

the look of the dough after kneading. think i should do more kneading. 5-10min?

The result. Not bad after all, but still had the yeast smell. My youngest son like it, with nutella. He always be nice to me and enjoy my cooking.

Fasting Day 26: Kitchen Timer

September 5, 2010

I don’t have kitchen timer, usually i just turn on my alarm, to remind me to turn off the oven. Now i’m trying to find the cute timer that double as decoration in my kitchen.

1. The Ice Cream Cone, from here

2. Hamburger, found here

3. For retro lovers,

4. Digital colors

5. Oh…cute

6. Vintage magnet, see here

7. Smile, please from

8. Alessi, never failed me..

Today is the 26th day of this Fasting Month. 5 days more to go.

Fasting Day 17: Homemade Brownies

August 27, 2010

I always love brownies, especially the fudgy one. I found the receipt from Martha Stewart’s Living Magazine, but you’ll find it here.

The result is not too fudgy. And i put less sugar on it. Still looking for the perfect one.


August 20, 2010

I got this Klappertart today. As a gift from Bandung. I always love Klappertart. This Indonesian Dessert, from Manado, adopted from Netherland, is a sweet vanilla custard, with lots if coconut slices, topped with raisin, almond and sprinkled with cinnamon powder. Heaven…

My new fave

August 17, 2010

This Milk Pie (Pie Susu) from Bali, is my new fave for the dessert. One is never enough.

The thin pie crust topped with thin milk custard, with enough sweetness.

I took a picture with SLR, but how’s the result is not good??