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Toys Fair

April 7, 2011

Last couple weeks ago, there were Toys Fair nearby. I wasn’t really into toys thing, but I loved looking their colors and miniatures. Here what we got when we were there.

Am such a big fans of Lego, i was so exciting with the bricks, i only took their pics.


Batik Sofa

March 27, 2011

I want to give something unusual for my niece’s birthday. Something that unique and useful. Then my sis remind me ‘why didn’t you buy a small-size sofa?’

So, I ask amesh if she had the ready-stock item. Lucky me, she got some that I can choose.

Here are the sofa+stool, it’s really cute.

*many thanks for the pic, revy..


Inside My Bag

September 29, 2010

This stuffs inside my spacious bag lately:

-Pink pouch that i put my make up–lip balm, liptint, solid perfume–my small victorinox, nail clipper, pen, small reusable bag, oh  my….just realised i   lost my mint tin can


-handmade cheque book

-blackberry bold

-small planner

-minnie mouse notebook

-the camera case

Writing Exercise 1

September 23, 2010

I urge to write lately, and i follow the writing tips on twitter. They really tickled me to try to write properly.

One of the writing exercises is: Write a 300-word description of your bedroom.

I did this lesson.

My Bedroom

We had extra king-size bed for us to sleep. The headboard is a full height mirror, framed by old-chocolate-color wood with herringbones pattern. Across our bed, there are 44inch television set, with DVD Player underneath plus some of unwatched  DVD discs. Copied or original. Next to them, there is custom-made working table, brown colored  too, with Computer set and new printer machine that works as photocopier, fax machine and also scanner, bought last month. Lots of brochure and flyers, ATM and credit card receipts. Pencil case and basket of small things.

We had two reclining-seater black leather sofa with adjustable foot, so we can lay down. But this sofa is rarely to sit because we usually put something upon, such as praying clothes and praying rug. Now i had basket for our praying clothes and rugs. And now i really enjoying reading here while companying my husband watching TV.

Besides our bed, we had bedside table that actually not suit with our bedroom furniture. The color is not match and there’re part of my sons’ bedroom. They’re low height, comparing to our bed, but fairly enough to put our stuffs. For glass of water and novels to read. And a kind of bookshelf with same color as bedside table, but one of my favorite because I can put my side novels and magazines and bunches of paper so they won’t full the desk. On top of the shelf, we put our bottle perfume, watches and accessories that we wear them daily. We don’t have dressing table and mirror, since we had huge mirror as a headboard, and I do my make up in the bathroom.

We had small walk-in closet as a place for clothes and friends. But everyday it seem smaller thus our stuffs getting more. And we had ensuite bathroom on the other side of the wall. The bedroom is a sanctuary to me. Me as an introvert person, prefer staying in the bedroom rather than in the living room. Feeling comfort and safe, like a turtle and its shell.

Fasting Day 7

August 17, 2010

Today is our 65th Independence Day.

Holiday again. Raining all day.

Missing taking picture.


Browsing. In love with thompsonfamily



PS I Made This.

Saturday Breakfast

July 17, 2010

I got Caramel Macchiato and Raisin Oatmeal Scone for breakfast. Actually already eat Sumatra Eclairs too.

It’s gonna be our lazy Saturday, since we had such hectic week, my kids went to school, new Zumba class, unfinished work, sinus therapy, driving here and there, traffic everywhere, and unpredictable weather.

Keep smiling and enjoying nice coffee. Hmmm….

DIY Hair Cut

July 4, 2010

With 2 boys (actually 3 included their father) our visit to barber shop is about every 2-3 weeks. Because they always had very short hair. This Sunday, their father decided to cut their hair at home. By himself.

The result was: the younger one was very upset because he cut almost of the hair, near bald. And now he wore hat whenever he went outside.

And the older one got more hair. He loved it. Thus, make the younger more UPSET.

Well, happy Sunday

While i’m biking

June 18, 2010

I thought i wanna give up with my gym. I’m so lazy lately that i wanna quit and find some Yoga place around here. But today, i dragged myself to burn my calories, so i hardly started this day to gym. Lately i like biking. Using Exercises Bike. I never go to RPM Class. I enjoy cycling while reading book or magazine. I even didn’t notice that i overtime. Usually set to 30min and ended 10 mins more.

Cycling and reading Time Traveller’s Wife. Not clear picture since i used my cellphone. But i adore using the cellphone as my take-picture tool, because i can exactly sent it to my email, so when i opened my laptop,  it’s quicker way to uploading to this blog. However, the quality is quite bad. Should i change to new cellphone?

Hey, am in love again with my exercise machine. Re-thinking about quitting.


April 26, 2010

I like colorful necklaces, but rare to wear them. I haven’t buy necklaces anymore because i didn’t have neat storage for them. So I just put them in big pouch. Then i found this cork-board that i used to put my notes as a reminder. I think this is a good place to keep my necklaces thus i can stare at them whenever i want. Lovely.

Simple one

April 20, 2010

Adoring this coffee from simple desktop