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The Social Network Movies

December 19, 2010

The Social Network

Facebook was a phenomenon. The founder becoming the youngest billionaires. He was at Harvard when he built this site–even though he didn’t finish his degree. Beside that, this movie showed us that friends could became enemy, with money as the issue. Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg) partnered with his pal, Eduardo Saverin who finance the project (Andrew Garfield–the upcoming Peter Parker–Spiderman). They built the site, that became huge, with the complaint from Winklevoss Twins–who felt it was their ideas that was stolen by Zuckerberg.

When Zuckerberg became success, he kind of left Saverin, and getting close with Sean Parker-Napster founder (Justin Timberlake). Saverin got very angry when he knew that Zuckerberg decreased his share in the company.

This movie based from The Accidental Billionaires book, by Ben Mezrich. Zuckerberg avoided to be interviewed for this book.





Movies: Due Date; Narnia and Next Three Days

December 19, 2010


Peter Highman (Downey Jr.), a serious Architect unluckily met these nasty guy Ethan Tremblay (Galifianakis) on the airport, in order to back hometown to meet his going-labor wife. His air journey was failed and he had to spent the couple days in the car with Tremblay and his dog. Tremblay, the actress wannabe, who wear red socks with his skinny jeans, not to forget, his fake perm, bring along his father ashes, always made trouble for Highman. And this journey was seriously funny and awful.

And Highman (Downey Jr. charming as always) was the white collar typical that being selfish and tricky, he tried to leave Trembley somewhere, but his humanity made he came back again to pick Trembley.

Zach Galifianakis as we saw in The Hangover was silly as always. I thought only he who really fit enough to play as Trembley.



The Pevencies siblings was back, now without Peter and Susan. Edmund and Lucy who stayed in their Uncle’s home, always get troubles with their cousin, Eustace. One day, they, included Eustace trapped in their room and the painting was turning a real live, so they were going across the seawater, then meet Caspian.

And they followed Caspian’s ship to fight with the huge monster, Sea Serpeant.

I saw this movie in 3D screen,  and felt little bit dizzy, i thought maybe this is because not full animation?

Good movie, lilke it so much. My son had the book series, had to read them someday.



John Brennan (Russell Crowe) was a teacher and a father, whose  wife being jailed for accusing murdered her boss. In next 72 hours, Lara Brennan will be transferred to another jail, he tried so hard to make his wife free, since she was a lifetime prisoner. The very nice man becoming a murder and a criminal. How he really loved his non-guilty wife.

Quite entertaining but i disappointed with the unfinished case.

Fasting Day 12: The Expendables

August 22, 2010

This is really NOT my type of movie. Just company my husband to watch his kind of film, like he companied me watch Sex and The City. The first thing i wanna saw the films, i check them at the IMDB and read the story or the reviews. Since this movie was on US Box Office, i am please to go to the cinema.

It’s like the hero-guys-reunion. Sylvester Stallone who was the Director and Actress, was a leader of the group named Expendables. They’ve been hired to do some missions. He had Jason Statham, Jet Li,  Randy Couture, Steve Austin as his colleagues. Oh, he had Dolph Lundgren as his ex-member becoming rival. Mickey Rourke was here too as a harley davidson-ish man, leather vest, tattos, and girls. Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared as cameos, and threw some funny jokes ’bout becoming Mr. President.

The story was not special, killing and violence were allowed. In 5 minutes, around 20 peoples were died. Then you can imagine for the rest of  the movie. Blood everywhere, but still Ninja Assassin feared me more. The Expendables got the task to go to Vilena, beautiful Island that being ruined by the rich American man who influenced Vilena’s General with his money.

The casts were typical also. Why they put Lundgren and Eric Roberts as bad peoples (as always), that’s so predictable. Why they didn’t put Lundgren as the Hero and Stallone as a Villain? But, well worth for entertaining your boring weekend. And gorgeous poster.

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Last Song: Book and Movie

August 1, 2010

I just read Last Song by Nicholas Sparks and now am watching it. Really not fans of Miley Cyrus. Why not someone else??? Anyway, the story is so predictable and common. Not too bad enjoying with Haagen Dazs Chocolate Choc Chip.

Being busy lately, attending our cousin’s wedding ceremony and reception, which took full day. The days moving so fast, i can’t even remember what did i do last week.

So, movie and ice cream is the perfect way to ended this weekend.

The Movie: Despicable Me

July 11, 2010

If you like cartoons, then this is a must-see movie. Funny yet educated. The story is about Gru- Superbad  that become Superdad. He is a well-known villain that trying to steal a moon. However, his rival Vector wanna take over it too. Gru used the girls from orphanage house to sneak into Vector’s house. Then the real relationship between Gru and the kids began. Good story and good movie.

And the animation always pleased me,  beautiful. I wanna see it again.

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Eclipse-The Movie- is Here

June 30, 2010

My friend asked me today to watch the 1st premiere of Eclipse from Twilight Saga. Am so excited, because the show was on 9.30 am. We never went to the cinema in these early hour. And i never see the Twilight fans either. They’re screaming and screaming!!!

Edward Cullen is the most handsome, of course, but Jacob’s more mature here, and Bella (as women, we envy her) got kissed from those gorgeous man. Lucky her.

The story itself was about battle between vampires and the newbie-vampires (group of new vampires that formed by red-haired Victoria-who still tried to kill Bella) . The werewolves (very cool things and animation) helped the Cullens to fight with the newbie. And the Volturis came to ask the Cullens promised ’bout changing Bella into their community. Here Bella always pushed Edward to transform her into vampire. Thus Edward refused to commute her until they’re married. yes, he proposed her…

Karate Kid

June 20, 2010

*taken from google.images

Just watch the trailer, made me want to see this movie. I always impressed with China story, not to mention how gross the country is. China is full of tradition and culture. Mixture of modern and conventional. The people still drink herbal medicine while Modern Architecture built for Olympiade last couple years. High rise buildings contrast with crowded market and housing.

I love ‘Curse of Golden Flower‘ movie. Full of detail and the scenery was unbelievable gorgeous. But i won’t talk that Chow Yun Fat movie.

Watching Karate Kid was little bit awkward for me. Kind of weird see American kid, trained for Kungfu, and win the tournament against the best-mean-Chinese boy. And how come he did it so well in a little time?? Kungfu needs couple year to make it right. Maybe Dre Parker was born to be kungfu-ers. Or maybe he’s so lucky.

But Jaden Smith is really stunning. From “The Pursuit of Happyness’, i always remembered when his sad face seeing his Captain America figure dropped when he caught the bus. And here, saw he really afraid of people who bullied him, he really natural-born actor.

Toys Story 3 next, or the A-Team?

The Movie: Sex and The City 2

June 13, 2010

After waiting for several days,  i got the opportunity to see Carrie Bradshaw and her friends.

As usual, the sequel was not as good as the previous one. And you could find it here too. The NY setting (which we’re like from the movie) was so little that we saw the almost all sweat and hot weather. They had 7 weeks in Abu Dhabi for shooting.

I thought the wardrobes were too much. And the fashions were out of limits. I didn’t know either what happened with the camera, maybe because the white settings at their gay’s friends wedding, it looked dull. But we really excited with Liza Minelli appearance.

The story itself about marriage life of Bradshaw and Mr. Big. And the gangs got sudden holiday from The Sheik of Arabian, who sent them away from their life to middle eastern. Here Bradshaw met Aidan, her then-boyfriend. And how lucky were they who had their friendship as gorgeous as always.

I love Bradshaw’s apartment. I put some pics in my previous posting. And even they couldn’t diminish their wrinkles, they were really stunning.

And the soundtrack, Empire State of Mind from Alicia Keys is really on my top playlist, but i like the Jay Z version.

Here’s the youtube link.

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Sex and The City 2 The Movie

April 27, 2010

Wow…i can’t wait till 27th May 2010, for viewing this movie in the cinema.

Check the trailer here. I’m gonna love this movie because Aidan Shaw (the ex boyfriend of Carrie Bradshaw) is showing up. He’s one of my favourite cast at the series. Too bad she didn’t married him. But I bet Carrie is happier to knot with Mr. Big–according to her upper class life.

And oh, you’ve to see the beautiful interior for the settings.

Look at the Coffee Table and the Puff.

The lovely wallpaper.

The dining chairs.

The Closet.

*all pictures can be found here

The Movie: How To Train Your Dragon

April 21, 2010

After couple weeks didn’t go to the cinema, my kids wanna this movie. Actually, already here ’bout a month ago but wasn’t interest enough to make me want to see it. Today, they came back from school earlier, and asked me to go. I said to them, that i might sleeping inside the cinema because am not too interested.

Anyway, I didn’t sleep at all, this movie really didn’t have some scene that bored me. I was amazed (as usual) to see the animation and in this 3d movie (they even had better 3d) they had subtitle!!

The story is about The Viking Community (oohh remind me of Asterix and Obelix) and their forever enemy: the Dragons. This kid (i have no idea, why he’s not like typical Viking’s, he’s thin and small, opposite his huge father) then becoming friends with one of their enemy, where is not a good situation.

The relationship between father and son, showed us how difficult to discuss something. How the father being dictate and didn’t want to listen. How the kid became individual because he is different with the others.

How the battle between humans and dragons and ended with kid’s sacrifice.

There all in this movies. You have to see it. Disney never failed to train us. Absolutely.

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