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Interior Website

February 9, 2011

Internet is really my biggest distraction. Indeed. I said to my husband that i don’t need a TV, i choose internet instead. When i work from home, like doing autocad or sketch up, i must sure that i turn off the connection. My fault too, i’m using rooter to connect me wherever at the corner in my house. If i didn’t turn it off, i will end up reading at the blogosphere. The longer  i sit in front of my laptop, the more i fall in love with the internet. I like to jump this website to another website ’till my Safari tab getting smaller size because so many sites to be opened. I love reading and staring the beautiful words and photos. I can get lot of ideas from here and now i don’t buy lot magazines lately, since i can get whole bunch of informations on the screen.

Nowadays, am falling in love peeking at :


They had beautiful interiors that really inspiring.

image courtesy of


Oh well, back to work now.


Hello 2011

January 3, 2011

this is what we do at the new year’s eve. playing bingo. my friends came with bingo and pictureka gameboard. kids were so exciting, we played a whole day.

Beautiful Texture

November 22, 2010


These beautiful textures are handmade (unfortunately not my handmade) and taken from my bags’ fabric.

New Toys: Smilebox

November 7, 2010

I had smilebox application from last year, but i rarely use it, because i had no time to play with it. On our wedding anniversary, i planned to make a book that consist of digital scrapbook pages (hei… digital is quicker for me). I need the express one, so i opened the smilebox.

They have so many themes but only few that suitable with my taste. And all you have to do is collecting your photos, the more the merrier. And just drag them into the available places, plus you can add the music background (well you have to pay for it). There are 14-days free trial if you put on your credit card detail.

And in couple hours, the scrapbook pages were set. Now am still looking for the album or how to display them. i rather save them into my laptop and working the texting on the adobe photoshop.

And after i printed them at home, i showed it to my older son, he corrected me. I put the wrong years. I typed 2011. Well, have to change it before i give it to my hubby, actually the date was over, but i planned to give it on our upcoming dinner date which is unplanned yet.



Fasting Day 10: Kolang Kaling

August 20, 2010

Too bad i don’t have the pictures of Kolang kaling itself.

During this fasting month, people seeking the sweetness yet refreshing beverages. One of people’s fave is Kolang Kaling. They are fruits from Sugar Palm trees. White transparant color, oval shaped, sweet and rubbery feel.

My kolang kalings are red and green (sound perfect for christmas gift). They’ve been soaking in sugar liquid that colored with pandan leaves. I don’t know where the red one comes. Food Coloring maybe. Nope, i didn’t make it alone, i ordered them from my friend. I usually put them in skim milk, let them soak for a minute.

Fasting Day 3

August 13, 2010

I cleaned my house today, well, not all of the room, but stuffs upon Piano, my kids’ game player under TV, and start to decorate my craft desk (not the room yet).

empty desk

birthday gift from my friend. She didn’t put the ages!! love it

next project: de-cluttering the cable (hate it)

taken from my upstair balcony, the front yard in front of my house

Frangipani in the balcony

This beautiful sari fabric from India–found at room upstair

gorgeous bowls from my mom–almost forget where i put them

new decorating stuffs

I Love This

July 21, 2010

I had crushed with this Mini Fuji Instax. When I was travelling, i always looking for this thing and never find it. Till yesterday i found it at the local shopping mall. However, i had to reserved it because it belong to somebody. Love the choco color.

Also come in Hello Kitty


July 17, 2010

Lazy Sunday

July 4, 2010

We’re not going anywhere today, just laying on the couch, continuing crochet, re-decorating…

Resorts World Sentosa

April 19, 2010

Here’s the pictures that i promised before:

Festive Hotel

beautiful lanterns at lobby hotel

Our Room

Had loft bed inside, kids luv it

Views from Room Balcony

On The Way to Universal Studio Singapore

Galleria Walk

Universal Studio Singapore

The Resorts World itself has 3 hotels (3 more will open later) with each themes. Hard Rock Hotel for its modern theme, Festive Hotel for kids-friendly atmosphere (they even gave goodie bags to our kids) and Hotel Michael for the Art lovers.

From Festive Hotel we walk through the shopping Gallery that had luxury boutiques such as Bally, Jimmy Choo, Vertu and so on. Before the Gallery, you will see the down escalator names Hall of Treasures  that going to Casino level.

Pasing by the beautiful display, we’ll meet black shiny giant fat statues that i took the photo above. It’s the transititon area before entering Hotel Michael. Turn left than you’ll out to Festive area, the open area that lead us to The Bull Ring, the centre area from Resorts World. From here, you’ll meet Universal Studio.

The Universal Studio, for me it’s more like Disneyland. The Main Street, the souvenir stores, the atmosphere, is typical with the Disneyland (Asia), just with different figures. The area consists of seven different areas. The Lost World, Far Far Away, Madagascar, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, New York and Hollywood. Each area have some attractions. However not all of them are open, since it still soft opening. The 4D Shrek is really fun. The Lost World had Rapid Adventures journey that stop operating after we queuing for 30 mins, because of some trouble. The red and blue roller coaster at Sci-Fi City is not working yet. And the Revenge of the Mummy just started to play at 3pm. And the worst is, the closing time is 6pm. Too short for visitors (especially we just entered midday due to heavy rain).

But sure your kids will love the place.

I missed the night life pictures because we’re too exhausted to go after spent all day here. And i really wanna see the Casino.