30 Days Challenge

November 23, 2012


One day, i heard Matt Cuffs talking at the Ted show about Trying Something New for 30-days (you have to check the Ted.com, it had tons of talkshow that really inspiring). He said that he was bored and need something to uplift his days. Then he went to bike to work for 30 days. And the result is amazing. 


The 30-days challenge means we have to do something routine in a month. We have to stick it until 30 days. It sounds easy peasy. On the other hand, discipline to do something everyday means boredom. Cuffs told his story about joining Nanowrimo. He tried to finish almost 50,000 words in a month, meaning 1,600 words per day. He absolutely facing the sleep deprivation, he would not go to sleep until he typed 1,600 words. It was uneasy tasks. He admitted that his novel was awful rather than awesome, however, he satisfied. As we can hear from his talked, Cuffs tried different challenges. I bet he did it monthly. He climbed Kilimanjaro Mountain  last year, he rode a bike to work, he did not take sugar or not watching the television. Being challenger, you just did not try the new activity, the challenge can also decrease, increase or diminish our habit. Less/no television, less/no internet, eat more vegetables. The main goals here, we followed the process from day 1 to day 30 and reaching the finished line. Like a marathon runner.


He said that after we done with the 30 days, it build our self confidence. It gives us motivation that ‘we had a goal, and we can accomplish it’. At least, we had topic to discuss for with our colleagues.


The main goal in 30 days challenge is how we make the process continue. For day 1 until 5 maybe we still in high spirit. Going day 7, usually our body was felt ‘yeay” to ‘yeah’. Do not forget to mention “i was so busy yesterday that I could not have time to sit in front of my laptop and writing the 1,600 words’. There were always excuse we can made. Thus, we failed for our target.


One of my favorite blogger, Elise Blaha (www.eliseblaha.typepad.com) just posting about this topic. Last year, she accomplished her 30 days challenge, by running a mile a day.  She said that it did not make her skinny or muscular, but she had this feeling that her goal is achieved. This year, start November 22th, she asked her readers to join another 30 days challenge with same activity, and posting everyday photo via Instagram, with #mileaday hashtags. 


I might be trying to follow her. Well i really like to writing 60,000 novel in a month, but i have not ready yet. So i think running a mile a day, is a good start. In case i am too exhausted to run, i will set my treadmill to walking speed, although it will make longer time than running.


I have tried the daily photo challenge. I follow the #dailyphoto hashtags, took picture everyday with different topics made by @fatmumslim, you can check her blog: http://www.fatmumslim.com.au. She challenged her follower to posting the photo and tagged into social medias, like twitter, instagram, tumblr, flickr, facebook and else. She gave us a list for a month, then she’ll renew her list with another 300days topic. Like from this November, day 1: something begin with C; day 2: color; day 20: work/play and so on. It was really fun. It make us to be more creative and looking at the different kind of view. Well, i only achieved in a month, and i did not continue.


Some people said, we have to share our goal to our friend, or family, or partner. It will motivate us being walking into finished line. But Derek Shivers (i also listen him at Teds.com) that keep our goals to ourself is better than sharing it. Because talking to others make it less motivation, and will the challenge more become failure. So better silent and keep doing. 


While i was writing this post, my mind keep busy, what will i take for 30-days challenge. What is something that i wanna do in my life? How about you??


When We Are A Newcomer..

November 18, 2012


I had dinner with my close friend last night. He insisted to meet us (me and husband) because he had a story to tell, he said. Then off we go to our favorite places. The small place, cozy and good ambience, plus delicious food, of course.


We missed him. We haven’t seen him for a month. When we were arrived, he was already there, sipping his favorite drinks, iced lychee tea. We were surprised. He really looked skinny. Like he dropped his weight about 5 kilos. He had dark under eyes. Hey, what happened to him?


We didn’t have to wait long to hear his story. Once we put our butt on the chair, his story was spilled out of his mouth. We even hadn’t picked our drinks yet.


Two weeks before, he was a new employee in a big (I mean “biggest”) law-firm in town. Biggest law-firm, meaning they had 400 lawyers, two storeys of the whole penthouse floor, associates with American law-firm. The average salary is 8000USD per month, (wow…why I didn’t want to become Lawyer instead of Writer?? J).  It had large cafeteria with buffet menu that can accommodate the workers. They also had their own Fitness room, and they had Yoga, Karate, Futsal, bowling course and so on, (that I couldn’t even remember all) outside of the office and every worker had to choose minimal 1 activity. The man employees were wearing suit, or long sleeve and necktie, the woman were wearing the famous red-sole heels for a standard. Usually unmarried or divorcee. Probably their lack of time for the relationship, or probably the spouse couldn’t face the higher income that his/her lover got.


And there it was, my friend is in a stress condition. His age is in the late 30. He was a successful lawyer in the previous office, but he thought he had to get out from his comfort zone, and then he travelled for a month to Europe. Coming back, he applied and this company accepted him as an associate. He’s one of the smart people that I know, so no wonder this company recruited him. He’s one of my friend that has zillion friends. This is why he sank into stress condition. Starting something new, like making acquaintances in new atmosphere was easier when you are young. In middle age term, getting know peoples need some of the movement, especially when some of them are younger than us or smarter. My friend said, when he arrived in the morning, got out from the elevator and walked toward long, cold hallway, he met some colleagues, and he tried to be nice by saying “hi, good morning” not to forget to smile, and what did he get? Just a nodded head, absolutely without grinning.  


He didn’t have a chance to making a phone calls, texting his friends. His cellular phone stayed in his bag. He had lunch alone in the cafeteria, so he preferred to take out the meal to his own workroom (everybody has their own workroom, not the cubicle office type). Remind me of the new high school student. Of course, this will not happen forever. He need adaptations, but maybe took longer. Despite of his middle-age condition, this office is really making humans into robots. Like living in a boot camp. 


The office hour is start at 9 am, and they never close. Sounds like 24 hours convenience store. That’s why he sometimes texted me in 2 am, the activity to make him stay awake beside his never ending work. On last Friday, he worked until 4 am, yes he got a chance to have dinner outside, when he finished, he realized that he was locked in the office. There was no one who stayed. He was panic. He called the office boy (in that time!!, of course, he did not pick up the phone) who was already home which 40min distance from office. He sent urgent email to his boss, who was in Hongkong, because he did not know any other colleagues. I could not imagine how panic he was in the light-off office, until he found the “press” knob beside the main entrance door.


He went to his doctor today after found himself didn’t get erection in the morning. He has to suffer the heavy stress and sleep deprivation. Listen to his story last night, made me think become a writer is definitely my option rather than being an office’s slave. Hope so.


Achieving My Goal

November 12, 2012

I like to write. I like to write since i can write a letter. Writing make me being whatever i want beyond whatever timing. I write journals everyday since i was in school. Some of them are missing, but i still remembered how they look. Finding a new journal at the end of the year is like a mission for me. I keep looking and looking through the bookstores and hobby stores just to make sure i didn’t regret with my choice. Because, wrong journal will affected to my everyday writing. 

When i was in elementary school, i met my BFF that has same hobby. Writing. We wrote and exchange the paper. I still kept the sheets (being torn from our books). That was making our friendship meaningful, and seriously, her story and handwriting was gorgeous (hey, we didn’t use computer that day).

Early this month, according to Nanowrimo event, (a challenging month for a writer or who wanna become a novelist, to write about 50,000 word in the end of the month), my BFF then text me for a writing project. Far for 50,000, we should complete one writing in 700 words a week for this month. Wow, I was so exciting with this project. It will enhance me to write. As we know, lack of discipline in our main obstacle. We have to make writing as a daily job. I always looking for the same place and same time, and it is not easy. I was ready for 4 different topics, however, the writing time is not easy to get.

I already late 3 days for the 1st week, and this day, when i was in the high mood to typing, when i want to post some photos, the draft was gone. I wanna scream!!!  This wordpress blog was updated couple times since my last posting (hmm…it was year 2011) then to submit our project, i put it on my own blog. 

Ok, hopefully i can continue to the end of this month, then can’t wait for another project!!.


1st week

Instagram is a free photo-sharing program and social network that was launched in October 2010. The service enables users to take a photo, apply a digital filter to it, and then share it with other Instagram users they are connected to on the social network as well as on a variety of social networking services. (according to Wikipedia.com) 

Photography is one of my hobbies. I didn’t take it professionally, but I like to capture whatever object that I found interesting. I don’t take picture of the people or human being. I prefer for the still object, and I like to title them in my own way. I didn’t took course, and yes, I have SLR Camera which makes gorgeous outcome even I am an amateur. I have the pocket digital camera that I took it whenever and wherever I go, but thanks to my cellular phone that has camera on it. Even not the latest or biggest pixel it had, I love taking picture with my cellular.

Moreover, there are Instagram application that coming to make everybody who didn’t have a skill can make their photos more beautiful. Then share it. For the first time, I wasn’t a fan of Instagram, because i prefer untouched picture, but nowadays, my hand got itchy if I didn’t check my instagram feed. Yeah..this is one of the reason, i am too lazy to start writing. Instead of open the evernote or the microsoft word, or grab some notebooks, i just grab my ipod and checking my instagram  feed. 


Not just for me capturing object, but looking at people’s feed are really inspiring. There are lot of beautiful pictures, places and object that we didn’t even know there are exist.  Yes, sometimes people did the ugly pictures-taken too, but the good quality was still the winner.


Like another social network, we can follow other people’s account, can give the comment, hit the like button to our followers/following and vice-versa. We can see updates from Paris Fashion Week to NYC Hurricane Sandy in a minute time.  I follow In Style account for looking latest collection. I peek into the Décorame section to find interior inspiration.  Or visiting my favaourite daily-read blog, to see their daily life. Make me feel closer to them even they didn’t know me.


If you like photography, capture them, put a filter or more (they had 14 filter to be chosen-and confusing—in a good way, because sometimes they’re all looking good) than share it.  However, if you just like to looking good picture,  just make an account and start to looking for our own interest. There also challenging project like #daily photo, which you should submit everyday photo with #daily photo hashtag on it. Your eyes will be pleasured. Trust me.


Notes: i put some of my photos here, but the wordpress is not friendly with me yet, so sorry…i can’t posting photo here. Got to learn this new template soon.

Latest notes: my BFF was texted me to give us a new challenge, to write a blog together. Can’t wait!!








Simply things made me smile

July 15, 2011



mini library in the bedroom



Bag Pouch

July 14, 2011

For my friend’s birthday, i bought her a present that didn’t come with the plastic or something to cover. So i made this bag pouch that double function as a gift wrapper and  tote bag itself. I made it reversible so she can wear it whatever color she moods in. Luckily i had the fabric color that match with the gift.


Sewing Dress

July 12, 2011

This is my first sewing project. I follow the shape of my fave dress to make patterns, and voila, it was quite success. Blogland make me try something creative. And i love handmade.

I did quilting

July 11, 2011

This is what i make for my 1st quilt project. Actually i’m not so fans of quilting. Since i put some quilting blogs in my google reader, it made me curious, to do that, even only once. I saw the mug rug project, which is fun and quick, but i did little bit bigger than mug rug. I made it in placemat size. I know i wouldn’t make placemat, 4-6 repitition items? come on…. not now. Well, i wear it for my praying mat.





i picked some of my batik fabrics (from amesh),  then did the simple and easy pattern. Quilting was fun, but binding, was another story, quite frustrating, especially in the corner section, even i already watched binding instruction from youtube. Oww.. and i liked the backside.

Pinterest, when you have your own pinboard

July 10, 2011

Have you heard Pinterest ? This is the place where you can make your own favorite board in digital area. It’s so fun. When you login, they will give you Pin symbol, that you can put it in the every images on your monitor. The best is, it goes straight to the source. So we didn’t steal the picture from everybody website.

This is my board, have a look and have your own board.

Hello Again…

July 9, 2011

How long i’ve been away? quite long am i little surprised that the wordpress had some changes. There are writing helper section now.

I am here, i mean, i read blog everyday, my google reader had lots of item that i love to read everyday. I read them everywhere. But i didn’t open wordpress. I didn’t take lots of pics nowadays, but i took some of them.

I did some interior projects, i did some crafts, sewing and crochet. There were sometime that i stayed on my craftroom whole weeks, picking fabrics and sewing something.  My hubby got unhealthy for a couple week, so i took care of him. We had holiday, with the big family, (summer holiday–i’ll posting the picture soon)

Well. I am here now. Collecting the blogging spirit.


Penne Pesto

April 26, 2011

Quick and simple thing to make when you run out of time: Whole wheat Penne pasta with Pesto sauce.